3 Advice for you when your Singapore Citizenship rejected by ICA

What should you do when you get your Singapore Citizenship application rejected by the The Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA)? 

It can be very disheartening when you get your Singapore Citizenship application rejected by ICA. The worse part of it, you do not even know for sure as to why the application was rejected.

Following is some advice from our experienced immigration consultants:

#1 – Submission of an Appeal Letter

You should consider filing for an appeal only if significant changes or improvements have been made to your profile during the waiting period. The waiting time here means the time from the day you submit your Singapore citizenship application till the time you receive the rejection letter from ICA.

The changes could be: 

  • Salary increment – There should be a significant increase in your monthly salary.
  • Job promotion – you are promoted to a position where you now have higher responsibilities. 
  • Newly married – Starting a family will further show your determination to ICA that you are serious about sinking your root here in Singapore.  
  • Addition to the family – If you are married and now have a newborn, this is favourable as it supports the National plan of increasing its local population. It also indicates your commitment to Singapore and your family.

Friendly note: It is essential to be prudent with your updates in the Appeal letter. You must explain clearly to the ICA why and how the new changes support your application.

Please read our article: What is an Appeal Letter for Singapore PR/ Citizenship?

#2 – Review the application process and documents submitted with your original application

Singapore Citizenship application process is far more complicated and requires more elaborate steps than the Singapore Permanent Residency application. 

It is commonly observed that some of these steps are not carried out correctly and results in the status- Singapore Citizenship application rejected.

Many more documents are required for the Singapore Citizenship application, which is easy to miss or confuse. It is also observed that sometimes incorrect documents are submitted. Some applicants may submit too many unnecessary documents. In addition, the resolution/ clarity of the digital copy of the documents also plays a big part. All these issues can impose a negative effect on the application being reviewed. It is not about the number of submitted documents. It is the quality and relevance that matters. 

Friendly note: We advise you to create a checklist of all the documents that you have. Check through all the documents the quality of their softcopy. Before you click the submission button, make sure you go through every page of the application and fill all required fields with the correct information, and they are tally with the document you plan to upload in the system. 

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#3 – Engage an immigration agency to assist you

It would help if you considered engaging a professional immigration consultant to assist you. If you have tried doing it yourself and failed, it means that you have missed something. Though we would like to stress that many factors influence the application outcome, some skillsets may be required, such as: 

  • Professionally crafted cover letters
  • A holistic portrayal of the applicant’s profile
  • All the relevant documents can ensure success if applied correctly, and your chances of getting approval will undoubtedly be higher. Your application will stand out from the rest of the applications, increasing the probability of approval.

Suppose you have already engaged an immigration agency, but the application outcome is negative. Sometimes the choice of immigration agencies could also be the reason for the negative result. We provide you with some pointers in selecting the correct/ suitable immigration agencies/consultants in our article..

Please read our article: The Role of a Singapore PR Consultancy Firm or Top 5 Mistakes People Make In Choosing An Immigration Consultant.

Friendly note: We advise you to speak to more than one service provider (immigration agencies/ consultants) before deciding on one. It is important to practice due diligence and gather information, make comparisons in their consultation styles, and last but not least is to compare their pricing against the services promised. 

The most crucial point to note is that you must feel comfortable with your immigration consultants. After all, the immigration consultant is your first level of interaction with the agency/consultancy. The staff and the team of people in the agency/consultancy greatly reflect the quality of services you can expect.


Never give up on your dream of attaining the desired Singapore residency status. Arrange a complimentary consultation with our experienced immigration consultants today to understand our strategies and get practical tips to realize your Singapore immigration dream. 

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