The Role of a Singapore PR Consultancy Firm.

What is the exact role of a Singapore PR consultancy? Are they just someone helping you fill up forms and submitting them to the authorities? Does it mean that they help you prepare your Singapore Permanent Residency/ Citizenship application, or should their role involve more? 

It is not easy to establish a successful Singapore PR consultancy, especially when few rules and regulations guide the immigration industry. Read our article: Top 5 Singapore Immigration Agencies Lies (How to avoid these ‘House of Lies’?) 

Many qualifiers have to be satisfied for an immigration agency to be categorized as a good one.

Central ‘Pillar’ in the firm 

Immigration consultants will always be the first point of contact with the clients. Their role is crucial as they must fully understand and evaluate the client’s profile effectively and develop the right strategy to help clients achieve their purpose of consultation within that duration of consultation (primarily within 60mins for each consultation). They must possess a set of skills and the proper knowledge to be qualified as an immigration consultant. 

A large portion of our immigration consultants’ time is spent helping clients experiencing difficulties related to their unique circumstances and documents required for the applications. They also guide and advise clients on how to improve their profile based on prevailing criteria set forth by the Singapore government. 

Many foreigners choose to invest in an immigration consultant for their Singapore PR / Citizenship applications because even simple, honest mistakes on the application form can delay their application processing or even a rejection. As such, our immigration consultants generally function as an advisor or counsellor to our clients and help to interact/ clarify the best way forward with the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA), if need be. 

In our firm, we have dedicated Document Controllers to assist our clients in preparing all the application documents, both the must-have and the good to have. They work closely with our clients along with the immigration consultants to ensure an airtight case is presented. They are the second set of brains and eyes working on each client’s case to ensure all related documents are in order and complied, keeping in my the stringent reviewing standards of the ICA (Immigration and Checkpoint Authority). 

A common goal of the firm 

Clear and common goals drive the entire team/staff towards a set common target. These goals are believed to inspire teams to focus, stay motivated, and work hard. In The Immigration People, our primary goal is to assist our clients to attain their Singapore Residency/ Citizenship in a stress-free and seamless manner. Our teams work relentlessly to help many foreigners to achieve their Singapore immigration dream.

Standard Operating Procedures – S.O.P 

With strict deadlines involved, our staff keeps their eyes on the ball and works like ‘clock work’, to get all the required documents, relevant information from the clients and process them appropriately. Even after the client receives their approval (IPA Letter), there is follow-up action that the letter issued by the ICA must take. There is usually a timeline of one month for the same. Failing to meet this deadline could mean that the approval is withdrawn. Please read our article: Actions to be taken after getting your Singapore PR Approval.

We constantly evaluated our work processes and improved them to ensure they can keep our process efficient and in line with the policies at ICA. 


An attitude is a psychological state of mind. The attitude decides the altitude of a person and his work. We take care of our staff and ensure they have a positive attitude towards their work and clients. We believe in working with the right attitude and giving our clients the best. There is a saying- ‘Happy wife, Happy life.’ At The immigration People, we believe strongly – ‘Happy employees, happy clients.‘

A positive attitude among employees makes workdays more enjoyable, and hence tasks are performed to the highest standard.


It is not easy to manage and run a successful immigration firm. It takes a lot of effort, strong values, conviction to serve the clients well, and a solid commitment to quality. Read our article: Singapore PR Consultancy – Is it a true help to realize your Singapore Immigration Dream? and do also hear what our client speaks about us.

Contact us to arrange a complimentary consultation. You will not regret it!

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