7 Things You Should Know about Renouncing Singapore Citizenship

We talk a lot about the benefits of being a part of Singapore. But what about those who have thought about renouncing their citizenship? Renouncing Singapore Citizenship is a massive leap, a decision to consider carefully. This article covers seven essential things one should know about the subject, like the process, the documents required, what things to consider when one renounces their Singapore Citizenship and more.


Actions to be taken after getting your Singapore PR Approval [2022]

The next vital step after the Singapore PR application is receiving an In-Principle Approval letter, or short, IPA letter. Congratulations if you are here because you have gotten your In-Principal Approval (IPA)! If you are currently waiting for your Singapore PR application status and you wonder what you would need to do once the PR … Continue reading Actions to be taken after getting your Singapore PR Approval [2022]

Benefits of being Singapore Permanent Resident (PR) [2022]

Singapore is well-known as one of the wealthy city-states in Southeast Asia. It is also renowned for its conservatism and strict local laws, and the country prides itself on its stability and security. Being a Singapore Permanent Resident (PR) has always been a status that is valued highly, and it comes with a wide range … Continue reading Benefits of being Singapore Permanent Resident (PR) [2022]


It can be disheartening when applicants are informed that their Singapore Citizenship Application gets rejected by ICA. There is no telling if: You missed out on any steps during the application process.You submitted the wrong documentation.You missed out on submitting essential documents.You filled up the forms incorrectly. ICA will not indicate the reason(s) for rejecting … Continue reading YOUR SINGAPORE CITIZENSHIP APPLICATION REJECTED BY ICA?

Managing your Singapore PR Application Documents

The most crucial part of the entire application process, be it is for Singapore PR or Citizenship, is the compilation and submission of all relevant documents. Since the submission is now online, the quality of the scanned documents must be up to the ICA’s review standards. Many applicants make mistakes when preparing the documents, especially … Continue reading Managing your Singapore PR Application Documents

新年新愿望 – 启动您的新加坡PR申请行动!

相信每个人在新的一年会制定一些新计划或目标. 如果您想要改变您在新加坡的居留状态,那申请成为新加坡PR或公民是其中一个方法. 新加坡是外籍人士的移民国家首选吗? 当您想移民到新加坡,或许可以考虑以下几点: - 多元的商业生态体系 - 亲商的环境 - 嘉谋善政的政策 - 多元文化的工作机会 - 新加坡的税种少,税率低,采取属地征税原则,且是单一税制 - 优良的生活环境 - 社会种族和谐 - 健全的医疗和教育制度 - 良好的人民福利....等等 所以很多外籍人士希望成为新加坡PR, 就可以享受人民福利. 阅读相关文章:申请成为新加坡公民和永久居民的社会福利 阅读更详细的相关文章:新加坡PR申请-相关符合条件 申请成为新加坡PR的不二法 您可以通过其中以下几种方式申请新加坡PR, 如果您是: #1 – 专业, 技术员,熟练工人,申请: 工作准证 (SPass / 就业准证 Employment Pass)个人就业准证(Personalised Employment Pass)创业准证 (EntrePass ) #2 – 企业家,申请: 就业准证或创业准证的自雇人士 #3 – 学生,申请: 学生证 (申请者必需在新加坡居住满两年,通过至少一项全国性考试(小升初PSLE,中考‘N’水准,中考’O’水准,高考‘A’水准)或者进入中学直通车课程 #4 - 拥有新加坡公民或PR身份的家人, … Continue reading 新年新愿望 – 启动您的新加坡PR申请行动!

Kickstart your Singapore PR/Citizenship Application

You have checked your Singapore PR eligibility and attended many complimentary consultations with different immigration firms. You want to sign up for the services but wonder what will you effectively get at the end of the day. The Immigration People is a firm believer in transparency, be it the pricing or the full extent of … Continue reading Kickstart your Singapore PR/Citizenship Application