We are The Immigration People (TIP) – a superstar team comprising of dedicated staff with more than 15 years of collective experience in Singapore immigration matters.

The core team is also strengthened with the knowledge contribution of ex-ICA and/or ex-Ministry officers with an insatiable hunger to better themselves every day for every client.

We at TIP, approach all cases in a highly personalized way and see them through to fruition with pure grit to achieve the best results in Bringing Singapore Closer for our clients.

What People Say

Helpful, knowledgeable, full of tips.

MR. Ram
PR approved in 7 months

The human factor, how much they care, that was what motivated me to continue.

Mr. Rowl
PR approved after being rejected once

Custom made solution to my dream, I accepted the cost, totally worth it.

Dr. Lim
Citizenship Approved after four years in Singapore

Let’s Bring Singapore Closer to you, together.