It can be disheartening when applicants are informed that their Singapore Citizenship Application gets rejected by ICA. There is no telling if:

  • You missed out on any steps during the application process.
  • You submitted the wrong documentation.
  • You missed out on submitting essential documents.
  • You filled up the forms incorrectly.

ICA will not indicate the reason(s) for rejecting your application. Nor will they reveal them over the phone.

The immediate response would be submitting an appeal letter – and we would highly discourage you from rushing into the preparation.

Instead, consider filing for an appeal only if your profile has changed significantly since your primary application.

In this article, we will be explaining about:

  • The Singapore Citizenship application process
  • The significant changes ICA look for in an appeal letter


Singapore Passport
World’s second most powerful passport, Singapore. | Image source: LIFESTYLE ASIA

Singapore has the second world’s most powerful passport. The benefits that come with being a Singapore Citizen make it highly desirable.

It is no wonder that the application is a lengthy and complicated one. And, of course, more detailed information is expected of the applicant.

For instance, if you were away from Singapore for more than a year during the past six years, you must declare details such as departure and arrival dates, residential address in the foreign country, etc.

Processing varies from one profile to the other. There is no exact template for everyone. Every applicant is unique, one must be prepared to provide all requested information.

The Singapore Citizenship application is submitted online via ICA’s e-service. Its system will only save your information for seven days. It will erase all your details afterwards.

To avoid the hassle of re-submitting, ensure you prepare ALL the correct documents beforehand. Prepare a checklist of the documents you need to submit and provide readable digital soft copies.

Prepare all correct document

On average, applicants spend about four hours completing their online Singapore Citizenship application.

Can you imagine spending so many hours of your time again just because of incomplete information the first time?


The main changes in your profile could be:

Salary Increment

There should be a significant increase in your monthly salary to qualify as a profile change.

Promoted at Work

You are promoted to a position where you now have higher responsibilities.

Newly Married

Starting a family will show your determination to ICA that you are serious about sinking your roots here in Singapore.

Welcoming Your Newborn Baby

Happy Asian parents with baby

You are married and now have a newborn baby. This profile is favourable as it supports Singapore’s plan of increasing its local population. It also indicates your commitment to Singapore and your family.

Explain these new changes clearly in your appeal letter. How will these new changes make you a better Singapore Citizen candidate?

If you feel that none of these points applies to you, consider waiting for the next window to submit a fresh new application. Without significant changes from the first application, you will likely be rejected by ICA again.

You can read more about appeal letters and other valuable tips to strengthen your profile in our article: What Is An Appeal Letter For Singapore PR Citizenship?

At The Immigration People, we come across many clients in similar situations. We understand the frustration and worry they went through. You may find the video below relatable and perhaps feel more prepared and confident.


It would be best to review your profile and documents again. What can be improved? If you have tried submitting and failed again, it’s clear that you are unable to find out what was missing.

Consultation with The Immigration People

Being rejected may lead you to seek a professional immigration agency to assist you. A good immigration agency should do more than form-filling.

They should be able to help you prepare your application correctly, showcase your profile strength in a well-written cover letter and ultimately increase your approval chances.

Choose wisely and do your research before you decide on engaging one! Please read our article on the Top 5 Mistakes People Make in Choosing An Immigration Consultant.


How much is considered as ‘significant change’ for salary increment?

We are not able to provide an exact number. Any salary increment will be mentioned as ICA will take in all other significant changes, such as job changes, promotions, new investments or insurance policies, family changes, etc. Consider that it must be a cumulatively more substantial profile that allows you to stand out from the rest!

When should I submit an appeal letter?

Suppose you feel your application’s decision was unjust and have grounds to justify why ICA should consider you. In that case, you may submit an appeal letter to ICA. You are advised to submit the appeal letter to ICA within the first (6) six months from the date stated in your rejection letter.

Generally, you will save time and application fees with an appeal. Note that a new Singapore Citizenship application can only be filed six (6) months from the rejection date, with the usual application fee of $100 per applicant.

How many times can I submit an appeal letter to ICA?

ICA only allows ONE appeal per rejected application. It is best not to abuse the appeal system, and there is no point in trying without effort to improve your situation, credentials, qualifications, etc. Don’t waste your chance!

At The Immigration People, we provide a free one-on-one consultation. Our highly experienced consultants will be able to advise on your profile correctly. Feel free to drop us an email at or contact us at +65 62406995.

How much does it cost to engage The Immigration People for Singapore Citizenship Application?

Our fees are quoted based on how complex your profile is, the size of your family and the steps to complete formalities. You can expect prices from $3,850 onwards.

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