The E-Preliminary Profile Analysis (EPPA) tool is a tool that helps candidates calculate their eligibility for a Singapore PR and Citizenship application.

It is designed to give you a better understanding of your profile. 

As there is no point-based immigration system for PR (like in Australia and Canada, for instance), the EPPA tool provides a much-needed quantifiable profile check. 

This tool is specially designed by us, using the collective knowledge of our team’s years of experience in the immigration industry.

All the questions are carefully crafted to capture your basic profile information, starting with the type of pass you are holding in Singapore.


We must highlight that the EPPA tool is meant to provide a rough preliminary gauge of the current strength of your profile. It does not guarantee the outcome of your actual application. The Singapore government considers many other variables that we cannot capture in the EPPA tool alone.



The minimum criteria for an individual to apply for Singapore PR are:

  • Possessing a valid work pass (S-Pass / Employment Pass / Personalized Employment Pass / Entrepreneur Pass) and
  • Residing in Singapore for at least six months.

Most importantly, the applicant must show proof of employment, such as copies of the pay slips issued by the employer.

If you do not even hold a pass in Singapore or are not related to any Singaporean or PR, you will not be eligible to apply for Singapore PR or citizenship. 


Salary is one of the influential factors for your Singapore PR or citizenship application.

With the new COMPASS system announced, there are changes to the qualifying salary requirements for Employment Pass (EP) and S Pass holders.

Employment Pass

After 1 September 2022, Singapore will raise new EP applicants’ minimum qualifying monthly salary to $5,000. For the financial services sector, the salary will be $5,500.

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S Pass

The minimum qualifying monthly salary for new S Pass holders will be pushed to $3,000. For the financial services sector, it will be raised to $3,500.

A higher minimum qualifying salary for new S Pass applicants will be rolled out again in September 2023 and September 2025.

Also, in September 2023, a higher qualifying salary will be required for older EP and S Pass applicants seeking renewals.


If you are on a work pass (S Pass or Employment Pass) and have only been staying in Singapore for 2-3 months, you are not eligible to apply for Singapore PR yet.

For foreigners married to a Singaporean or PR already, you will be eligible to apply under the sponsor scheme – even if you have only stayed in Singapore for 2-3 months. 

The time you spent in Singapore as a tourist does not include the number of years of stay in Singapore.


An excellent age range will be considered better by the government. This preferred age range is due to Singapore’s falling birth rate and ageing population.

Rising number of residents aged 65 years and older in Singapore from 1970 to 2021 by Statista.
Rising number of residents aged 65 years and older in Singapore from 1970 to 2021 | STATISTA

Younger applicants, between 25 and 45 years old, have a better advantage.

That said, it does not mean senior citizens are not eligible to apply for Singapore PR or Citizenship.

We have seen applicants above 50 or even 80 years old successfully get their Singapore PR and citizenship applications approved.


In our years of experience in the immigration industry, statistics showed that applicants with at least a tertiary education stand a higher chance of attaining Singapore PR.

Other factors like your unique skill sets, years of career experience, achievements, and other aspects will also be considered.

However, we have also seen candidates without tertiary qualifications getting their PR and citizenship applications approved!


The Singapore government naturally favours specific industries in compliance with the current and future demand in the Singapore economy.

In-demand jobs in Singapore 2021, by Jobstreet Singapore.
In-demand jobs in Singapore | JOBSTREET

Examples of industries that are in-demand in Singapore:

  • Healthcare
  • Information, Communications and Technology (ICT)
  • Cybersecurity
  • Finance and Insurance

These sectors have a higher demand because of the shortage in the local talent pool.

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Do not lose hope if you are in other industries! Due to our small population size, there is still a labour shortage in other industries here in Singapore.

The Immigration People has helped clients from different sectors get their PR approved. So, there will always be a chance for you.


Keying in your correct contact information is essential.

Incorrect contact information will only affect the result of your EPPA tool and, in turn, the incorrect assessment of your profile’s eligibility strength.

At The Immigration People, we understand the concerns over providing personal information/contact details. We take each inquiry seriously.

We strictly adhere to the Personal Data Protection Act, managing and protecting our enquirers/clients’ information with extreme care.

Your sensitive information is secured and cannot be accessed beyond our private network and paperless system. 


If you are still unsure about using the EPPA tool to assess if your profile is eligible for a Singapore PR or Citizenship, we are more than happy to assist you.

Choosing the right immigration agency is essential. Here at The Immigration People (TIP), we are transparent with our pricing. We do not engage in marketing gimmicks or guarantee you a successful PR application.

We provide one-on-one consultations for free.

The EPPA tool helps our immigration consultants have a preliminary understanding of the applicants’ profiles before meeting them in person for a consultation.

During the consultation session, our immigration consultants will assess your profile in-depth. Here, we will propose strategies, a realistic timeline, and actionable steps, including how to mitigate any gaps and weaknesses based on the applicant’s profile. 

To help you further, our consultants will also share with you the Singapore government’s current immigration landscape and top consideration factors.

To assess yourself, click the button below to calculate your Singapore PR or Citizenship chances!


When is the right time to apply for Singapore PR/Citizenship?

There is no right or wrong time. It depends on when you feel ready to make that commitment and transition, wanting to make Singapore your home.

When you have ticked all the boxes on the criteria needed to become a Singapore PR or Citizen, all you need to do is to take action and apply!

Why should I engage an immigration agency?

To increase your approval chances, avoid application processing delays and save you from the trouble of preparing the necessary documents.

Changing your permanent residency in Singapore should not be taken lightly. Preparing a good case takes plenty of time and effort.

That said, you should not expect a 100% success rate when engaging an immigration agency.

A good immigration agency will help you prepare your application correctly and showcase your strength to the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) more efficiently.

What are the common influencing factors affecting your Singapore PR/Citizenship success rate?

It depends on the applicant.

There are more than ten factors that can affect one’s application. Some examples are investment matters, insurance, family ties, etc.

The ICA would assess differently according to their profile.

What are the common reasons for Singapore PR or Citizenship application to get rejected?

The reasons vary, and the ICA will not inform you of the reason for rejection.

You might have:

  • Missed out on any steps during the application process.
  • Submitted the wrong documentation.
  • Missed out on submitting essential documents.
  • Filled up the forms incorrectly.

The application process is tedious and can be frustrating when you have no idea why it was rejected. Our advice? Let us assist you.


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