Singapore PR Criteria – Are you eligible?

We have seen rising in foreigners expediting their Singapore Permanent Residency/ Citizenship application in recent months. It could be caused by a few factors such as pandemic situation, economy, a limit on the EPs, and political instability in our neighbouring countries. 

Singapore is a nation built by immigrants. It is a small country with a land area of an estimated 720 square kilometres. As such, the Singapore government constantly works on policies to balance the economy’s need for the locals, foreigners, and immigrants.

Though you can find the Singapore PR Criteria on the ICA website, in this article, we will cover the Singapore PR Criteria and include a brief explanation for your better understanding.  

The Singapore PR Criteria are as follows: 

#1 Spouse of a Singapore citizen (SC) or Singapore permanent resident (SPR)

The applicant must be legally married, whether the marriage is registered in Singapore or other countries (a document proving this should be provided, i.e. marriage certification). The spouse who is a PR or citizen can sponsor the applicant to apply for Singapore PR. The applicant does not have to be residing in Singapore while doing so.

Please read our article: Sponsoring Singapore PR application for wife or husband.

We recommend the applicant submit their application only after a minimum of 6 months from the date of their marriage. 

#2 For an unmarried child aged below 21 born within to a legally married couple, or one that a citizen or PR has legally adopted.

Once the child is above 21 years old, they will be considered as an adult in the eyes of Singapore law. They will have to submit their PR application as an independent.

For applicants below 21 years, the parent who is a PR or citizen can sponsor them to attain Singapore PR.

#3 Aged parent of a citizen

An SPR or SC can sponsor their aged parent to apply for Singapore PR. The aged parent does not require to hold a work pass. 

#4 An Employment Pass (EP) or S Pass holder

Applicant holding on an Employment Pass or S Pass is eligible to apply for SPR. If the applicant holds a work permit, they do not meet the criteria to apply for PR unless the company is willing to upgrade their work pass to SP. We recommend that the applicant holding EP or S Pass wait for at least six (6) months before applying.

#5 Student studying in Singapore

If the application is currently studying in Singapore (holding a student pass), they can apply for SPR. The applicant must reside in Singapore for a minimum of 2 years and should have passed at least one (1) national examination. The list of national examination are as follows:

– Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE)

– Singapore-Cambridge General Certificate of Education Ordinary Level (GCE O-Level)  

– Singapore-Cambridge General Certificate of Education Normal Level (GCE N-Level) 

– Singapore-Cambridge General Certificate of Education Advanced Level (GCE A-Level) 

#6 Foreign investor in Singapore

The applicant can apply through a scheme such as Global Investment Program. Please read our article: Business Relocation to Singapore.

Alternatively, the applicant can set up a business/ company in Singapore. The business owner can apply for an employment pass through the company. We recommend the applicant submit their SPR application after six (6) months from the date of approval of their EP.

Important note: 

ICA takes into account many factors while approving/rejecting SPR or SC applications. It is not mandated that their Singapore PR/ citizenship application will be surely approved if the applicants meet the criteria. ICA will holistically assess the applicant before granting them residency status in Singapore.

There are many attractive benefits that one can enjoy when they become an SPR/SC. One of them will be CPF contribution in Singapore. Please read our article: CPF for Singapore PR. To find our more other benefits, please read our article: Why live Permanently in Singapore? 


The reasons encouraging foreigners to become SPR/ SC are consistent and clear from the Singapore government’s perspective. They want to boost the Singapore economy with much-needed talent, especially in new high-tech industries that the Singapore government plans to develop. Please read our article: New launch of Tech. Pass might set you a higher chance of becoming a Singapore Permanent Resident (PR). They also want to counter the low fertility rate, a greying population that Singapore anticipates and replenish Singapore citizens who migrate to other countries. Despite these reasons, the Singapore government is not lenient when approving the SPR and SC applications. It seeks quality residents who can add value to the country in every possible way.

Applicants must be well prepared and present an excellent profile of themselves. Engage a trustworthy and reliable immigration consultancy firm to assist with the same. Hear what our client says about us.

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