Immigration Consultants in Singapore – What does it take to be a good one?

When you approach an immigration agency to assist you in applying for your Singapore Permanent ResidencyCitizenship, your first interface is with the Immigration Consultant. An Immigration consultant’s role in your journey of realising your Singapore immigration dream is all crucial.

Immigration Consultants in Singapore must understand and evaluate your profile effectively and develop the right strategy to increase your chances of getting the much sought after approval. 

Immigration Consultants in Singapore should possess an in-depth understanding of Immigration policies and keep themselves abreast of the latest changes in all matters related to the Immigration industry. In addition to this, there are some other very important qualities an Immigration Consultant should possess. They are: 

Effective Listening Skill – Listening is more than just hearing. An Immigration Consultant must fully understand every applicant’s profile. They should be able to go beyond the obvious and pay close attention when a prospect/cl is sharing information; only then can the Immigration Consultant understand and evaluate a profile effectively. The Immigration Consultant must focus more on finalising the correct strategy for your application rather than ‘pushing’ or selling you their package or getting you to sign up.

Organized and Meticulous – An Immigration Consultant should be very well organized and meticulous in giving attention to each client. Every profile is unique and needs suitable customization and effective representation. Serving multiple clients requires a lot of juggling, so the Immigration Consultant must be very meticulous. Much attention has to be paid to the submission documents and periodic follow-ups with prospect/clients.

Response Time – This has been emphasized by us in our past articles as well. Read our article: Singapore PR Consultancy – Is it a true help to realize your Singapore Immigration Dream? It is a great way to measure the quality of the service provided. Everyone works in a fast-paced environment, and time has been recognized as the most valuable commodity. Being served well and being served quickly is crucial. Timing is all-important. Thus the immigration consultant must attend to you in the shortest possible time.

How do we at The Immigration People select the right candidate for the position of Immigration Consultant? 

At The Immigration People, we look at subject matter expertise and emphasise a candidate’s cultural fit. We hold our values and ethos very dearly. The Immigration People is an organisation where every client is treated with utmost attention, honesty, and transparency. As such, we look to put to these values while hiring an immigration consultant as well. Our core values are not just fancy words that sound great. To us, they are our guiding principles, and we live them each day. 

We ensure that misrepresentation or misleading practices never seep into our organisation. We have certain checks and balances in place to keep a constant eye on quality and integrity. 

In the competitive world of the Immigration Industry, this is harder than it looks. Doing the right thing every time takes effort and a very stringent functional system.

For The Immigration People internally we:

– From time to time, get all Immigrant Consultants to conduct a sales presentation in front of the management for review purposes. During the presentation, detailed analysis and assessment are done.

– Keep our Immigration Consultants updated on new rulings implemented by authorities and ensure they are kept familiarised with all new rulings.

– Training sessions are organised periodically to keep the skills current and refined.

Last but not least, a ‘mini’ test is also conducted quarterly. During the ‘test’, complex profiles are presented so that the immigration consultants are well exposed to some typical profiles and advise such prospects appropriately.  


We hire candidates who will measure up to our stringent yardstick and will demonstrate our values of integrity, honesty, transparency, and quality service. We hire people who have a good learning attitude and understand the importance, intensity, and impact of what is at stake for the clients we serve. There are many Immigration Consultants in Singapore, but it takes effort, time, good intentions, and a lot of grooming to polish up and create a good one.

Hear what some of our customers say about our immigration consultants and us.

Experience it to believe it! Arrange a complimentary consultation with us and judge for yourself.

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