Five Singapore PR Renewal Requirements

33,400 new Singapore Permanent Residents (PR) were granted in 2021.

You will receive a letter from The Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) when your Singapore Permanent Resident (PR) status is about to expire.

Some people confuse renewing a Singapore PR status and a Re-Entry Permit.

Are you still wondering how to renew PR in Singapore? Or are you worried about the processing time? This post will cover what you should know about Re-Entry Permit (REP) and the Singapore PR renewal criteria.

What Is Re-Entry Permit (REP)?

A valid re-entry permit (REP) allows a Singapore permanent resident to retain their PR status when travelling out of Singapore. The REP can last up to five years.

A Singapore PR will risk losing his PR status when:

  • He leaves Singapore with an expired REP.
  • He is still overseas with an expired REP.

Singapore PRs need to ensure that their REP is valid before going abroad. It is always advisable to respond to ICA’s letter.

When Do You Need to Renew a Re-Entry Permit?

If the REP is still valid, the application procedures are straightforward. Applicants must submit their application online to ICA via the Electronic Re-Entry Permit System (e-REP) no earlier than three months before the current expiry date of REP.

If the REP has expired, an e-appointment must be booked with ICA. The renewal will be done in person.

If the REP expires while the Singapore PR is overseas, he will need to travel in as a tourist and approach ICA to reinstate your Re-Entry Permit.

And if reinstatement fails, you will have to get a work pass and apply to be a Singapore PR again. Speak to a professional before you make your move!

Singapore PR Renewal Eligibility and Criteria Requirements

Screenshot of applying for/renew re-entry permit on ICA’s website
Apply for/renew re-entry permit on ICA’s website | Image source: ICA

To be eligible for a REP renewal, you must be a Singapore PR with a valid travel document.

There are no official requirements for REP renewals. However, there is some information that ICA will be asking for.

Some documents you might need to prepare for Singapore PR Renewal are:

  • The valid travel document,
  • Your Latest Qualification Certificate,
  • Your Proof of Employment or Existing Business Operations,
  • And if you are below 21 years old, ICA will need your Birth Certificate and your parent’s Identify Cards.

Typically, if a Singapore PR has been living and working in Singapore for at least two and a half years of the five years duration, he should be able to renew your REP successfully.

Can ICA Reject the REP Renewal Application?

Yes, ICA can reject your renewal application.

ICA will consider each applicant’s circumstances at the time of application. They will be looking at your continuing contribution to Singapore. For instance, your CPF contribution, monthly income, household income, income tax, etc.

For Singapore PRs who have reached their retirement age, ICA will view your past active roles and contributions to Singapore instead.

There is also this situation: You have just gotten your Singapore PR, but for some reason, you did not stay here for some time.

In this case, there is a possibility that ICA will grant you a shorter REP renewal periodThey might even reject your REP renewal application.

What is the processing time for Re-Entry Application?

The approval of an online application process can take about one working day to a week.

It may take longer if the applicants are unable to fulfil the renewal criteria or if they are requested to submit certain supporting documents.

Why Choose The Immigration People For Your Singapore Permanent Resident REP Renewal

Our unique trait is transparency. We provide relevant information through sharing and educating so that our clients can better understand the process of Singapore PR renewal.

With a collective experience of over 25 years within the immigration industry in Singapore, we are rightly equipped to provide every client with a unique and customized solution. Let us assist with your Singapore Permanent Resident REP renewal.


Does the Singapore Permanent Resident status expire?

A PR status does not expire or has any time limit to it. However, if a Singapore PR chooses to leave the country without a valid REP, ICA will revoke his PR status.

How Can I Maintain My Singapore PR?

As with any Singapore citizens, a Singapore PR is also required to oblige by Singapore’s law by paying their taxes and contribute towards your Central Provident Fund (CPF).

Can A Singaporean PR Stay in Singapore with An Expired REP?

Yes, if a Singapore PR can remain in Singapore with an expired REP.

A Singapore PR going out of Singapore with an expired REP will risk of losing his permanent resident status.

It is best to apply for REP renewal three months before the expiry of your current REP.

How Much Is Singapore PR REP Renewal?

The general fee payable for REP application is S$10 per year. To find out more about our services and how to renew PR in Singapore, do drop us a call or book a consultation with us today.

You can apply for REP here: ICA | Apply for/Renew Re-Entry Permit.

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