Managing your Singapore PR Application Documents

The most crucial part of the entire application process, be it is for Singapore PR or Citizenship, is the compilation and submission of all relevant documents. Since the submission is now online, the quality of the scanned documents must be up to the ICA’s review standards.

Many applicants make mistakes when preparing the documents, especially when applying for the family because the total number of documents increases proportionally based on the number of co-applicants. The list of documents required for PR application is quite comprehensive. However, it is more extensive for Singapore Citizenship applications. Please read our article: 12 documents required for PR applications.

The applicants must tally the document information against the application form. This tends to create room for error.

Below are some examples of  Singapore PR application documents requirements and pointers on issues to look out for.

#1 – Notarisation of translated documents

Singapore official business language is English. All documents submitted must be in English. If they are not, they must be translated by a professional translator. These translated documents are required to be authenticated by a member of the Singapore Academy of Law. The red stamp is the proof for notarization. Please see the example below.

#2 – Declaration Forms

In some documents, it is observed that the name of the applicant may vary and might not be an exact match to the way it is written in the passport. In such circumstances, the declaration form should be filled and submitted using the exact name as it appears in the passport.

#3 Academic Qualifications

Some applicants fail to submit a complete set of documents to prove their qualifications. There are times that the applicants misplace their transcript and only have a certificate. ICA considers it a case of insufficient proof of qualification.

#4 Scanned documents (torn and unclear)

Another common issue is submitting unclear documents, documents that have not been scanned correctly, or poor resolution. Sometimes the documents could be damaged/ torn, or tattered. In such a situation, the applicants must obtain a copy of these certificates from either the relevant authorities or their embassy.

#5 Photograph

In the past, all applications were submitted at the ICA counter, and the ICA officer at the counter would help highlight if the passport photo were not up to standard. Since everything is online, the applicant must ensure that all photographs required to be submitted satisfy the guidelines stated in the ICA.

Nowadays, some applicants land up taking passport photos using their mobile devices, because of which the quality of the photograph might not be close to the guidelines of the ICA. Some points to note are:

– The person must look straight into the camera

– The background of the photo must be plain

– The lighting of the room must be bright. Bad lighting is the most common reason for a bad photograph quality.

Here are some examples:

To understand more on Singapore PR rejection, please see the video below:


A client who had applied himself about five times and got rejected each time almost gave up hope. The worst was that he did not know why his colleague with a similar profile got their PR application accepted, but his application was repeatedly rejected. He realised that a professional immigration firm made his colleagues’ applications. (That was us). The whole issue was the way and the type of documents that he submitted and some that he had missed submitting.

Many of our prospects came to us for help with their appeal after rejection by the ICA. After reviewing their profiles, we noticed that most of the issues were because of their Singapore PR application documents submission, even though their profile was very strong.

Please read our article: Appeal Letter to ICA for Singapore PR/ Citizenship Application

Let us help you with your application. Contact our experienced immigration consultants to arrange a complimentary consultation. Read our article: Engage a good Singapore Immigration Agency NOW!

If you have no time to attend the consultation, we have you covered An exclusive series of videos specially created for you to have an in-depth understanding of Singapore Permanent Residency and Citizenship applications. Register your details now to watch our Singapore PR / Citizenship All-In-One video guide series at your own time! Enjoy!


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