Kickstart your Singapore PR/Citizenship Application

You have checked your Singapore PR eligibility and attended many complimentary consultations with different immigration firms. You want to sign up for the services but wonder what will you effectively get at the end of the day.

The Immigration People is a firm believer in transparency, be it the pricing or the full extent of services to be provided. The Immigration People was the first and probably the only immigration firm to have listed and adhered to the pricing for its services. We are a rare Immigration firm that does not hold back information on criteria or internal work processes. We believe in educating the masses, and a testament to this is our YouTube channel and all the information we share on our website.

We do so freely as we are not worried that our competitors might copy our process. These are no trade secrets. It is the people involved and the quality of the work they deliver that matters. Diligence, honesty, accuracy, quality service, and each employee’s passion and involvement in their work are things that others can never duplicate. Read our article: Immigration Consultants in Singapore – What does it take to be a good one?

Actions after signing up for the service

Upon signing up for our services, you can expect five (5) significant milestones which need to be achieved to consider the application set for submission.

Step 1 – Onboarding call

An official call will be arranged between the Documents  Controller and the applicant within two (2) working days. During this call, the Documents Controller will:

  1. Go through the checklist of the required document.
  2. Discuss a list of charity organisations that the client can connect to for social integration unless the client is already associated with one.
  3. Set a target application submission date.
  4. And any other requirements that are specific to the client’s unique profile.

 Note that the submission date might vary based on the client’s promptness in making the documents available. We seek a strong partnership with our clients to work on these deliverables. Read our article: 12 Documents required for apply PR in Singapore.

Step 2 – Collection of all the documents

The clients are required to submit all the documents to the Documents Controller no later than a month to the targeted submission date. The Documents Controller can also assist in helping the clients take high-resolution scans of the documents, in line with the high reviewing standards of the ICA.

If, for some reason, the client fails in providing the listed documents a month to the targeted submission date, the targeted submission date needs to be adjusted accordingly.

Step 3 – Documents review and preparation of application content

This step will usually take about two (2) weeks, subject to the complexity of the profile and the number of documents and the cooperation of the applicants. Any delay in providing accurate information will defer the submission date. The Documents Controller very methodically reviews the documents and information with the client to ensure accuracy and inclusion of all the relevant information to prepare a solid case for the ICA.

Step 4 –Preparation + Review + Conclusion of Recommendation Letter ( Testimonials) and Cover Letters

We have a team of very experienced and high-quality Copy Writers. They help write customised and specific testimonials and cover letters to put forward a great profile of each client. Read our article: Why Recommendation Letters for Singapore PR Application?

Step 5 – Confirmation of overall content of the application and forms

After another round of vigorous checks and screening, the whole package of all the documents, forms, testimonials, and cover letter is ready for submission. Our experienced Documents Controller does this either independently or with the client observing the process.

Overall, a well-prepared application requires an estimated 3-4 months. Some immigration firms do so within a month. But given our high reviewing standards and quality checks, we take longer. Of course, there are some exceptional cases where the client needs an expedited submission. For such cases, we offer additional people working on the case. It also becomes imperative that the client provides all the documents promptly and cooperates to ensure the smooth execution of all our steps. Refer to our pricing packages here.

 It is not just about the time for preparation; it is the quality of work delivered that really matters in ensuring a proper representation of each profile increases the chances of approval.

Usually, ICA  takes an estimated 5-6 months to review each application, sometimes even longer. Approval usually takes about 12 months or more. However, we do have clients who have received approval in less than seven (7) months.

Hear our client sharing.


We advocate honesty, believe in transparency and empower people who seek to apply for Singapore PR or Singapore Citizenship. We hope the above sharing will give you a clearer picture of our processes and expectations when you sign up with us. You are made fully aware of what is going on throughout. We have stringent and effective standard operating procedures to ensure all our applicants and their unique profiles are well taken care of. Most notable is the quality of work and services we provide.

One essential Singapore PR eligibility criterion is holding an Employment Pass or an SP. If you fulfil the Singapore PR eligibility, you are ready to sign up with us. Read our article: Singapore PR Requirements – Employment Pass.

Singapore PR/ Citizenship application is not as complex as some presume. But it does require knowledge and relevant experience to prepare it. We are here to simplify the process to have peace of mind. All you need to do is, engage the right immigration consultant team to assist you. If you make the right decisions and act now, you might receive your approval by next year around this time. It can be this simple!

If have no time to attend the consultation, we have you covered An exclusive series of videos specially created for you to have an in-depth understanding of Singapore Permanent Residency and Citizenship applications. Register your details now to watch our Singapore PR / Citizenship All-In-One video guide series at your own time! Enjoy!

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