2022 New Year’s Resolution – Apply for Singapore PR/ Citizenship

Most of us have set some new year’s resolutions for this year. Are you one of those who are still pondering as to what to do about your Singapore residency status?

Here is how we can help you-

Are you in any of these situations?

#1 – If you are holding on to an Employment Pass or SPass, you are technically eligible to apply for Singapore PR. Arrange a consultation with our experienced immigration consultants. They will share with you not only knowledge and insight on Singapore Immigration Matters such as the latest Singapore immigration regulations, the timeline involved etc but also some of the common mistakes made by applicants when preparing self-application.

#2 – If you are planning to relocate your business to Singapore. You can speak and discuss with our immigration consultants and they will guide you on all the steps and requirements. They will also share the various ways of doing it based on your unique business and situation. They will also share their strategies and suggested timelines.

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#3 – With the easing of the travel bans you can now plan to apply for Dependant Passes or Long Term Visit Passes (LVTP) for your loved ones. Many people think that they can apply themselves since all instructions are listed on the ICA website. However, we have seen many applications getting rejected. It is best to get a professional to assist you instead of wasting time and paying additional amounts as an application fee each time the application gets rejected.

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#4 – If you are a business owner having trouble obtaining an Employment Pass for your new hire. We can provide vital assistance to you. We have a great track record in helping companies to do so.

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#5 – If your application for Singapore PR or Singapore Citizenship has been rejected by the ICA and you wish to prepare an appeal letter, we can draft and prepare a suitable appeal letter to ICA for you. We are your best ally. We have helped many applicants (whether they applied themselves or their application was done by another immigration firm). We have managed to help many clients with their appeals. Our consultant helped to analyse their case and helped them to decide if it was even worth investing time and money in proceeding with the appeal. In our experience,  all of them felt frustrated when they received their rejection letter from the ICA as they never get to find out what was wrong with their application or what was missing. This is exactly the reason that they do not know what to write in the appeal letter to ICA and represent their profile appropriately.  Writing an appeal letter might look very simple but writing a quality one is the key. The content of the appeal letter to ICA must be ‘solid’ enough to justify their appeal. We are the experts in this area.   

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If your case falls in any of the above categories but you are unsure of the step you should be taking, you need to speak with our experienced immigration consultants. They will help to analyse your profile, situation and provide you with relevant suggestions for your next step.


Our best advice for applicants is to always plan ahead. Given the current circumstances, there are frequent changes in Singapore’s immigration rules and regulations, political situations, and many more. Things are different as compared to 2 years ago.

It doesn’t matter what kind of profile or situation you are in. There is always a way forward. Stop worrying or depending on hearsay whether from friends or the internet. Speak to us and we will provide you with customised strategies and present an executable plan to help you achieve your Singapore Immigration Dream.

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We have consistently engaged in educating people on immigration matters. You can read our articles or watch our videos.

If have no time to attend the consultation, we have you covered An exclusive series of videos specially created for you to have an in-depth understanding of Singapore Permanent Residency and Citizenship applications. Register your details now to watch our Singapore PR / Citizenship All-In-One video guide series at your own time! Enjoy!

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