This is why choosing the right immigration agency is important!

Have you ever wondered what should be the filtering points/criteria you should use while selecting an immigration agency to help you with your Singapore PR/Citizenship application? Read our article: Engage a good Immigration agency NOW!

When you start your search for a Singapore immigration agency, you will notice the abundant use of words like trustworthy, trusted partner, reliable services, honest, integrity, and many more. Most firms use these words liberally and sometimes indiscriminately to help promote themselves or the types of services that they may provide. Sadly, for most firms, these are just marketing gimmicks and empty promises.

In a recent media report, a local renowned immigration agency got 58 complaints in less than 9 months, along with some allegations, these included:

– giving guarantees that their PR application would be approved.

misleading regarding the success rates of their PR applications.

– pressurizing to sign-up.

– giving false guarantees.

– offer of discounts and instalment payment, pushing the prospect to sign despite them rejecting the offers & many more.

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This is a rare occasion that we saw the Singapore immigration industry making headlines, one earlier occasion was when a firm called ‘Immigration Solutions’ made the headlines when one of their staff was caught bribing an ICA officer to expedite a PR application. This firm changed its name to continue its unscrupulous activities, making headlines yet again. Frankly, we are not surprised by all these allegations. This is because many of our clients and prospects have been a victim of unlawful and dishonest practices of this company which was again flagged out.  The name of this company is ’Paul Immigrations’.  Read our article: Top 5 Singapore Immigrations Lies (How to avoid these ‘House of Lies’)

Horror Stories shared by Victims

Let us share some horror stories that some of our prospects and clients have shared with us. When we first heard them, they sounded absurd, but we were empathetic to the people narrating them. However, the news in the media left no room for doubt. 

#1 – Using ‘Cannot convince so confuse’ sales tactic

Consumers are very smart these days, thanks to the internet, they usually do their research before meeting an immigration consultant. As a result, immigration consultants (salespeople) attempt to throw jargon and confusing information to manipulate the prospect into becoming a client.  This old tactic still works. After attending one such session, one of our prospects shared that he was even more puzzled. He chose to speak with one of our consultants to confirm the information and could appreciate the difference. Read our article: The Role of a Singapore PR Consultancy Firm.

TIP provides information that is backed by data. We are confident that delivering accurate information is the best way to earn our prospective clients’ trust. 

#2 – Huge gap between Normal Price VS Offer Price

Another of our clients reported that he was initially quoted a price of $10,000, but within 30 minutes, the price was drastically dropped to $3,000, a typical sales ploy utilized by numerous marketers. You can easily spot them in your day-to-day transactions. When you enter a retail store, to entice the customers to make a purchase, they will display a price tag stating the normal price and offer price. This is a marketing approach used to persuade customers to buy.

Here at The Immigration People, we do not engage in marketing gimmicks like offering limited-time discounts / special promotions / etc. We were one of the first immigration firms to publish our prices on the internet. Transparency is important to us, whether it’s in pricing or application processes.  

#3 Traumatized by Past Experience

One client of ours is a 55 years old lady who is not tech-savvy. When she first approached us for a consultation, she wanted a Zoom meeting rather than a face-to-face encounter. She didn’t have a lot of experience with online meeting software, and it took us a long time to get her started. 

Later in the discussion, she explained why she insisted on an online meeting, even though she preferred a face-to-face meeting. Her last experience had left her terrified. She was concerned that we would refuse to allow her to leave after the consultation and will require her to sign up for the package or pay a deposit on the spot. She was even more shocked when we told her that we would not urge her to sign the contract at the end of the session, but that we would also encourage her to meet with more than 1-2 immigration businesses before making her final decision. She stated that our consultation is more of an exchange of knowledge than presenting a sales pitch.  

Our advice

We have consistently engaged in educating people on immigration matters. You can read our article here.

Here are a few more prominent ones:

Keep your mind clear and stay focused, don’t be overwhelmed by misleading and persuasive techniques

Speak with more than one immigration agency and shop around before making your final decision

– Bear in mind that ICA is the only authority that approves all SPR/SC applications and that no private firm can claim to have inside influence.


We have been emphasising in our previous articles that the immigration industry in Singapore is not regulated in the same way that other industries such as banking, insurance, or real estate. We hope that soon there will be one to protect consumers’ interests as well as ‘monitor’ the activities of all Singapore immigration firms. After all, most of their customers are foreigners. Singapore is highly regarded for being a safe place to work and live. Internationally, Singapore’s government has earned a reputation of being honest, transparent in legislation, and having a low crime rate. This makes it even more imperative that steps be taken to regulate this industry to maintain Singapore’s image.

Contact us if you would like reliable information or advice when acquiring your Singapore PR/ Citizenship application.

Read our article: What to Expect During a Free Consultation.

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