We Calculate Singapore PR Chances for you! – With Real-Life Examples

Singapore is gearing itself for the post-pandemic period. Singapore has now decided to adopt “living with COVID” and must progressively open its socio-economic set-up to the maximum and go on with life as normally as possible. This is not to say that the pandemic is over.

Many other countries are also taking steps to open their borders and bring their tourism and commercial operations back on track.

Our general business environment, competitiveness, talented workforce, and many other factors help Singapore retain its appealing value proposition for overseas investors.

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Impact on those who are planning to apply for SPR and SC when Singapore gradually opens up

Once regular business operations resume, more jobs will be created, and more foreigners will be employed in Singapore. There will be more foreigners who will be qualified to apply for Singapore PR/Citizenship, which means that there will be more competition. You can send us your profile and give us a chance to calculate your Singapore PR chances.

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Real-life Profiles for Reference

We would like to share 2 real-life examples. Respecting their privacy and adhering to PDPA, we are not sharing the real names of the prospect and some details of the profiles are tweaked but kept very close to their true profiles. Read our article: Your personal data when applying for Singapore PR/ Citizenship – Are they secure?

Profile #1:

Our suggestion:

He should apply for SPR as soon as possible. One of the determining factors that influence the approval of PR opportunities is AGE. People between the ages of 25 and 45 have a better chance of acquiring PR because they have more years to contribute towards the income-generating workforce.

Due to Singapore’s continuous economic restructuring attempts to boost skills and productivity, as well as disruption induced by rapid technology advances, workers in their 40s and 50s suffer increasing job insecurity today.

Additionally, post-pandemic the economy is suffering, and many businesses are struggling to stay afloat. Businesses will restructure or, in the worst-case scenario, retrench staff in order to reduce operating costs. Furthermore, the Singapore government is promoting the hiring of locals, and several incentive schemes have been established to encourage businesses to do so.

Given the circumstances, we suggested Mr Edward’s wife, immediately sponsor him to apply for SPR. This suggestion was made because, if he were to lose his current job, his prospects of finding a new job or having his SPR granted would have been substantially reduced.

Profile #2:

She had solid credentials and a great resume. This along with her age makes her eligible for SPR. She had intended to submit her application a few years ago, but she was so preoccupied with her career that she put it on hold.

Her employer planned to restructure the company when the epidemic struck. The first employees to be affected were those who were employment pass holders because the employer sought to take advantage of government incentives to hire locals. She was given two options: return to her home country (to work in the main office) or accept a lower-paying job and apply for an S Pass due to her wage level if she wanted to stay in Singapore.

Our suggestion:

She came to us after having suffered all this. We helped her apply for her SPR quickly but, if she had applied her SPR earlier, she would have had more job security. She would have kept her pay scale or even gotten a raise and if she wanted to change her job, that too would have been easier for her. Watch this video shared by one of our clients. His colleagues actually faced the same situation as Ms Selina.

Apply at the right time

It is never too late to act. If you are currently residing in Singapore and are eligible for SPR, you should apply for SPR/SC as soon as possible.

Avoiding, procrastinating, or putting it off only exposes you to unnecessary difficult situations and vulnerability.

Getting an SPR will become more difficult when Singapore fully opens because there will be more people applying and there could be better and more qualified individuals applying which will reduce your chances.

So please visit our website to use our tool. We calculate Singapore PR chances for you with our special tools.


Life will keep throwing various challenges at us and change is inevitable. There will be a lot of unpredictability and instabilities in the future especially given the pandemic. The Singapore PR and Citizenship application process however remain unchanged.

All you need to do now is enlist the help of a professional who can support you. To learn more, please contact us for a free consultation. Give us a chance to help you calculate Singapore PR chances for you.

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If have no time to attend the consultation, we have you covered An exclusive series of videos specially created for you to have an in-depth understanding of Singapore Permanent Residency and Citizenship applications. Register your details now to watch our Singapore PR / Citizenship All-In-One video guide series at your own time! Enjoy!

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