Singapore PR Points required for Singapore PR Renewal?

For Australian permanent residency, you are required to accumulate immigration points in order to obtain permanent residency. However, there are no such immigration points applicable in Singapore.

In Singapore, you must meet the basic criteria so that you can apply for Singapore PR/ Citizenship.

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Some applicants think that there are secret Singapore PR points required to help increase their approval chances. This is untrue. Singapore is well known to maintain 100% transparency in its law-making and country policies, especially for ICA. There are no such things called Singapore PR points here.

For ICA to approve your application, it all depends on your profile. They do take a holistic approach while reviewing your profile. They do look at the followings factors and these factors might influence your chances of getting approval. They are:

  • Occupational Industry
  • Salary
  • Social Integration Effort
  • Family Ties in Singapore
  • Investment- Property
  • Insurance
  • Educational Level
  • Unique Talents
  • Economic Contribution & many more

If you want an in-depth understanding of the factors that might influence your chances of approval, you can arrange a complimentary consultation with our experienced immigration consultants. Read our article: What to Expect in our complimentary consultation? or register here with your details to watch our All-In-One Video Guide.

Common Asked when planning for Singapore PR Renewal

Here are some common questions asked by our prospects during a consultation.

Q#1: If I am holding on to a work pass (EP or SP), when can I begin my Singapore PR application?

As per ICA’s requirement, the applicant is required to submit payslips for a minimum of 6-months with the application to prove their employment in Singapore. We typically recommend applying for PR only after 1 year of stay in Singapore for EP holders. As for SPass holders, the recommended duration of stay would be 1-2 years before your first application.

Q#2 How long should I stay in Singapore to qualify for my renewal of Singapore PR?

Each approved Singapore PR is for a duration of 5 years. We will suggest the applicant stay in Singapore for at least 50% of the time, with the final year of renewal being the most crucial. The renewal of your re-entry pass (REP) is a time when the Singapore Government does a minor re-assessment of your profile. So, if you are unemployed for most of the time, or having trouble with the law of Singapore (minor offences like speeding or littering or such), then you are at risk of losing your PR status. Once again, there are no Singapore PR points.

Do note that Singapore is emerging as a Smart Nation, part of the initiative is to digitalise all records, which means that your arrival and departure of Singapore, employment records, tax contribution, etc are all digitally recorded. When ICA reviews your renewal of Spore PR, all these records will be considered before approving your renewal.

Q#3: Do I need to update ICA if there are changes in my profile?

It depends on which stage you are at. If you have submitted your Singapore PR application, you need to update ICA if there are changes like:

  • change in employment/ occupation
  • received of promotion/ increment
  • changes in marital status
  • change in the residential address
  • birth/ adoption of a new family member & many more.

For Singapore PR renewal, there is a standard form for the applicant to fill online for renewing their Singapore PR. The applicant is required to update their current martial, employment status, etc,

Q#4: When must I submit my Singapore PR renewal?

You are required to renew your Singapore PR 3 months before the expiry date. We will suggest you do so as early as possible lest there are other documents required from your side which require time. You would not want to jeopardise your renewal chances for lack of time.


While conducting a consultation with our potential clients, we have often observed that they mostly gather information about Singapore immigration from the internet or depend on hearsay.

It is best to speak to our professional immigration consultant to get reliable and correct information.

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So even though there are no Singapore PR points in Singapore, getting your Singapore PR or Citizenship greatly depends on your respective profile. if your profile is not up to mark, we advise and assist you on how you can improve it. If your Singapore PR application gets rejected, we can assist you with an Appeal as well.

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