Singapore PR Points – Is it required?

In some countries like Canada and Australia and many others, you must accumulate immigration points to obtain permanent residency in the country. However, there is no such points-based system for PR application process in Singapore. For Singapore PR application, meeting the minimum requirements, prevailing criteria, and engaging a professional, reliable Singapore PR consultancy firm to assist you is especially important. Read our article: Singapore PR Criteria – Are you eligible?

Some applicants still think that secret Singapore PR points are required to increase their chances of approval. Unfortunately, that is not the case as points-based system is not applicable here in Singapore.

Factors influencing your Chances of Approval

Getting the Immigration & Checkpoint Authority (ICA) to approve your application greatly depends on your overall profile. They will take a holistic approach when reviewing your profile. 

Some of the factors that might influence your chances of getting the approval are:

  • Occupational Industry
  • Salary
  • Social Integration Effort
  • Family Ties in Singapore
  • Investment- Property
  • Insurance
  • Educational Level
  • Unique Talents
  • Economic Contribution & many more..

If you want to know more about the factors that might influence your chances of approval, you are welcome to speak to our experienced immigration consultants. Also, please read our article: What to Expect in our complimentary consultation?

What if an applicant is weak in some of the criteria mentioned above? Does it reduce his chances of getting the Singapore PR? The answer is a most definite NO. It is rare for a person to score very high on each of the criteria mentioned above, though a small percentage might do so.  This is where an experienced Singapore PR consultancy firm comes in to help. Please read our article: Singapore PR Consultancy – Is it a true help to realize your Singapore Immigration Dream?

Engaging a Singapore PR consultancy firm help to enhance the approval chances

An experienced Singapore PR consultancy firm will provide advice to help the applicant improve their profile. For example, suppose the applicant is lacking in social integration efforts. In that case, our immigration consultant provides suggestions and recommendations by providing the applicants with a list of the charity organization and volunteer work choices, etc. We partner with a few charity organizations that facilitate and enable our clients to associate with them and contribute to their social cause.

Another essential part of the Singapore PR application is documentation. A reliable Singapore PR consultancy firm will help prepare a relevant and valid set of documents for the applicant’s Singapore PR application submission.


Do not get influenced by hearsay, friends, or the internet to believe that Singapore PR points are required for successfully getting your Singapore PR. There are no Singapore PR points to help you attain your Singapore PR. Getting your Singapore PR or Citizenship greatly depend on your profile. Certain aspects of each profile can be worked on and improved. Assistance can also be provided if your Singapore PR application has already been rejected, as we assist in preparing an appeal.

Applying for Singapore PR is not very complicated, but the right professionals’ help can improve your chances. There is no harm in speaking with a Singapore PR consultancy firm like us and getting more Singapore PR application tips to help you with your PR application.

What if you do not have the time to attend a one-hour consultation with us? Fret not, we have you covered as we have an exclusive series of videos specially created to get an in-depth understanding of Singapore Permanent Residency and Citizenship applications. Please register with your details to watch our Singapore PR / Citizenship All-In-One video guide series at your convenience! Enjoy!

Frequently asked questions on Appeal Letter to ICA for Singapore PR / Citizenship Application.

Q#1: If I am a work pass (EP or SP) holder, when can I begin my Singapore PR application?

Ans: ICA requires an applicant to submit a minimum 6-month payslip attached with the application to prove their employment in Singapore. We suggest that you wait for at least 12 months to get a higher chance of getting approval.

Q#2: How long should I stay in Singapore to qualify for my renewal of Singapore PR?

Ans: Each approved Singapore PR has a 5-year Re-Entry Permit (REP) validity. We will suggest the PR holder stays at least 50% of the time in Singapore and be gainfully employed by a Singapore-registered entity in his/her latest 2 years before the renewal to secure high chances of having the REP renewed. Similarly, there are not Singapore PR points when it comes to renewal of the REP. With Singapore emerging into a Smart Nation, all records are digitalized, which means that your arrival and departure from Singapore, employment records, tax contribution etc., are digitally recorded. When ICA reviews your renewal of your REP, all these records will be considered before giving you an extension or renewal.

Q#3: Do I need to update the ICA of changes in my profile?

Ans: It depends on which stage you are at. If you have submitted your Singapore PR application and waiting for the outcome, you need to update ICA if there are changes in the followings:

Some examples::

  • change in employment/ occupation
  • change in marital status
  • change in the residential address
  • change in education qualifications

Q#4: When must I apply for my Singapore PR renewal?

Ans: You must renew your REP at least three months before it’s expiry. We will suggest you do it as early as possible so that if there are other documents required from your side, you have enough time to provide them.


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