Check our latest video! Getting Your Singapore PR Through BUSINESS RELOCATION! (II)

Getting Your Singapore PR Through BUSINESS RELOCATION! (II)
In the last episode, we talked about how Sir James Dyson, Zhang Yong (HaiDiLao), and Eduardo Saverin (Facebook) got their Singapore PR via Global Investor Program scheme (GIP), and though you may not have the same wad of cash that they have, you could still relocate your business to Singapore, and get your Singapore PR and citizenship approved.

That was the theory, and now, in this week’s episode, Kay covers the practicals.

Still thinking how to craft your Cover Letter for Singapore PR application?
Fretting over your Singapore Permanent Resident renewal?
Looking for a PR Application checklist?
Thinking about how to get a recommendation letter for PR application?
Want to know what are the essential Singapore PR application documents?
Don’t know how to draft your appeal letter to ICA?

Great questions, and you’ll find your answers with The Immigration People.

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Founders and also the faces of The Immigration People, Kay & Elena are the leading authority in Singapore inbound immigration matters from permanent residency to citizenship applications, with decades of experience and knowledge between them. If you asked them, they’ll tell you their dream is to ‘Bring Singapore closer.’

Getting Your Singapore PR Through BUSINESS RELOCATION! (II)

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