Singapore’s Population in the Year 2021 – Apply PR Singapore now!

Probably you all do not get out as much due to the COVID and the restrictions related to it, because if you did, you would notice that there are lesser people to be seen in this sunny island called Singapore.

Since last year COVID-19 outbreak and had spread across the world and World Health Organization declared COVID-19 is a global health emergency. it has changed every aspect of people’s lives.

Covid-19 pandemic played havoc, be it businesses, countries’ economy, the way people travel, individual lifestyle, political stability, and or a country’s population.

In Singapore, like any typical first-world nation, which has a declining birth and depends on immigrants, the population statistics have been hit hard.

According to the latest report Singapore’s population shrank by a record 4.1% year over year, Singapore population has seen the biggest percentage drop since 1950, this is based on data from the Singapore Department of Statistics.

A quick look at Singapore’s Population as of June 2021

As of June 2021, Singapore’s current population is 5.45 million. The lowest since 2013.

The population of Singapore’s citizens also decreased by 0.7% to 3.5 million.

Singapore Permanent Resident (PR) population fell by 6.2% to 0.49 million.

Cause of concern – This is the first year-on-year decrease in both the citizen and resident populations since the data was collected in 1970. The resident population in Singapore comprises both citizens and Permanent Residents.

Fewer citizenships (21,085) and Permanent Residencies (27,470) were granted in 2020, compared with 2019. This is not because the government wanted to reduce this number. This is solely because there were fewer applications.

Reasons for a drop in Singapore’s resident population.

#1 – More citizens and PRs stayed overseas not counted as part of Singapore’s resident population.

#2 – More citizens and PRs stayed overseas continuously for 12 months or more due to travel bans.

#3 – Some did not renew, missed, and did not know how to renew their PR due to travel restrictions.

#4- Some could not furnish all documents after getting the in-principal approval due to issues at their Embassies (due to COVID-related restrictions) and travel restrictions.

There is also an overall decrease in the number of overseas Singapore citizens to 179,500 – the lowest since 2011.

Due to travel restrictions, as well as “operational limitations” induced by the pandemic, the implementation of safe management measures resulted in limited slots to complete the final steps for PR and citizenship registration – which must be done in person. Some applicants who had received in-principle approval could not complete the full process needed to become PRs or citizens.

Why does Singapore need immigrants?

Singapore needs to offset the country’s falling birth rates to support its booming economy.

Singapore will face a shrinking workforce and an aging population if new immigrants do not join the Singapore workforce. 

Singapore will find it “very difficult” to continue to develop and compete with its neighboring countries. Immigrants’ talent (be it in entrepreneurship, innovation, technology, art & culture) is much required to help Singapore elevate its economy and compete in the global economy.

Maintaining a steady influx of immigrants is one of the economy-boosting tactics used by the Singapore government.

What does all this mean for those who plan to apply for SPR/SC?

Looking at the statistics and data, as an experienced Singapore immigration consultant we strongly encourage those interested,  should apply PR Singapore now!  It is highly recommended that you take this opportunity to ride on this wave and materialize your Singapore immigration dream now.

It is all about supply and demand concept – A few years back, the Singapore government projected to reach a population size of 6.5 to 6.9 million by 2030. (comprising of a resident population of 4.2 to 4.4 million, of which 3.6 to 3.8 million are citizens and the rest Permanent Residents).

With COVID disrupting these plans, Singapore government must find alternative ways to achieve it. According to Singapore Prime Minister, Mr. Lee Hsien Loong has clarified that the 6.9 million figure was not a population target but a basis to plan for infrastructure for the long term.

The process of getting approval for Singapore PR and citizenship is very comprehensive and there is a target population size the government has in mind.

Keeping this in mind, it is only logical to assume that if the applicants meet the criteria for becoming a Singapore PR and Singapore Citizen, the approval will be granted.

Furthermore, to keep Singapore’s citizen population further from shrinking, Singapore will need more PR and Singapore Citizens each year. Given the current total fertility rate (TFR) of 1.2. limiting immigration will be detrimental to Singapore’s future development. if you are eligible to apply, you should apply Singapore PR now.

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To apply for SPR/ SC, one needs to understand the way the Singapore government reviews each profile and what is it that the Singapore government is looking for in its future PRs and Citizens. There are many technical aspects and important prerequisites. Certain expertise, experience, selecting the relevant document, scanning of documents, carefully drafted cover letters, etc. are a few things to be taken care of.  

Immigration into Singapore helps to moderate the impact of aging and low birth rates in our citizen population and keeps it from shrinking over a longer period.

Singapore is one of the best countries to live in be it for economic reasons, safety, political stability, quality of life, or just a prosperous county to live in.

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Attaining a Singapore Permanent Residency is just a logical choice. Get an experienced and honest immigration agency to assist you in achieving your Singapore Residency dream. Apply PR Singapore now!

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