Singapore PR Eligibility Tool – How to use and get benefited from it?

Effective consultation is the first important step in understanding your Singapore PR eligibility. We support all our prospects by assisting them in understanding the strategies to follow for the desired outcome or making an informed decision during/after the consultation. Our main aim is to analyse the profile effectively and deliver a productive consultation to them. We respect that everyone is busy, so we avoid wasting their precious time or making it unnecessary (in case of a face-to-face session).

Singapore PR eligibility tool is an unique tool that we have created utilizing our years of experience in the immigration industry, specially designed for people who plan to apply for their Singapore Permanent Residency/ Citizenship. All the questions will help to direct you towards the essential points you need to focus on. It also helps the immigration consultants to evaluate your profile/ chances further before they meet you. Another important objective is to ensure that the immigration consultants are well prepared with a preliminary assessment of your profile and prepare a strategic plan, realistic timeline, actionable steps and anticipate and mitigate potential pitfalls, if any. Read our article: Immigration Consultants in Singapore – What does it take to be a good one?

#1 – Question on Work Pass

A person must possess a valid work pass (S-Pass / Employment Pass / Personalised Employment Pass / Entrepreneur Pass) and be residing in Singapore for at least six months to meet the minimum criteria to apply for Singapore Permanent Residency. The applicant must show proof of employment, such as a copy of the payslip issued by the employer.

#2 – Question on Years working or residing in Singapore 

For instance, if you worked in Singapore for three years and left to return to Singapore to work for another five years. The total number of years working and residing in Singapore is eight years (cumulative).

#3 – Question on Age

The applicant’s age is taken into consideration, but it is not considered in isolation. We have seen applicants aged between 50-80 years getting their Singapore PR approved. The government will assess the candidates based on their ability to contribute to Singapore’s economy and society. However, due to Singapore’s falling birth rate and ageing population, younger applicants in the prime working-age group between 25-45 years do have an advantage.

#4 – Question on Qualification

In our years of experience in the immigration industry, data have proven that applicants with a tertiary education stand a higher chance of attaining Singapore PR. Tertiary education, also called post-secondary education, is any level of education pursued beyond high school / senior high school, including undergraduate and graduate credentials. These credentials encompass certificates, diplomas, academic degrees, or specialised education in a specific field after completing your high school education. Tertiary education is non-compulsory and provided in a specialist institution, usually a college, polytechnic or university.

#5 – Question on Industry of Occupation 

Applicants working in specific industries do stand a higher chance of getting their PR. It is based on the current and future demand in the Singapore economy. For instance, people in the healthcare, technology, financial sector, etc. Read our article: New launch of Tech. Pass might set you a higher chance of becoming a Singapore Permanent Resident (PR)  

#6 – Your Contact Details

Accurate contact details are crucial. For instance, we do encounter queries from people who input incorrect contact details. In such a case, we cannot contact them and share any inputs even though their chances of getting approval could be very high.  


In The Immigration People, we take each inquiry seriously and we do understand the concerns over providing personal information/ contact details. We strictly adhere to the Personal Data Protection Act and protect the data of all our prospects and clients. We handle our enquirers/ clients’ information with extreme care. Read our article on Your personal data when applying Spore PR/ Citizenship – are they secure?  

If you are looking to apply for Singapore Permanent Residency, use the tool and benefit from it. If you do not hear from us after completing them, call us at 6240-6995 or contact us via social media platforms. We will respond as soon as possible. 

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