Singapore Citizenship application rejected by ICA

Rejection is a part of life. They say that from each rejection there are lessons to learn and improvements to be made.  However, when you see your Singapore citizenship application rejected, there is nothing to learn, and no improvement can be made as there is no reason given for the rejection.  All your hope, efforts, hours spent stand wasted.

On receiving the rejection letter there is no telling whether-

  • You missed out on any steps during the application process.
  • You submitted the wrong documentation.
  • You missed submitting important documents.
  • You filled up the forms incorrectly.

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Unfortunately, the ICA does not indicate the reason why your application is rejected. The letter is short and straight to the point, there is no way you can figure out why your application was rejected. It does not support the applicant to make things right or improve their application for the next time that they apply

Some applicants try to call ICA, but do not get an elaboration on their rejection letter as no officer reveals the reason for the rejection.

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An applicant may try to appeal but that all adds to the processing time, and what if, it gets rejected again?

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There are instances where the applicant engages an immigration agency to assist them and the agency promises the applicant a guaranteed approval, but the applicant still faces rejection. Surely, such applicants face heightened frustration levels.

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Application Process

#1 Required information:

Singapore Citizenship application process is slightly different as compared to the Singapore Permanent Residency application, they required more detailed information of the applicant.

For example:

  • For Singapore Citizenship application – if the applicant was away from Singapore for more than a year during the past 6 years, the applicant is required to declare details such as the departure and arrival dates, all residential addresses in the foreign county if the applicant resided at more than one location, etc
  • For Singapore Permanent Residency application – Applicant is required to provide residential status only in brief for the past 10 years

#2 Submission process:

The Singapore citizenship application form varies depending on the individual profile.

  • Singapore Citizenship application – All applications must be submitted online via ICA’s e-Service. It does not have a standard standalone form. An applicant will only be able to fill up the application form after logging into ICA’s e-Service using their unique Singpass. The contents of the application form are customised based on the applicant’s personal data and records in the Government’s database. There is no one size fit all,  form when it comes to Singapore Citizenship application. 

As it is customised, an applicant must be fully prepared with all the information that could be required/requested. In some circumstances, an applicant may not have immediate access to certain information/ documents and requires additional time to retrieve them. However, every applicant is only provided seven (7) days to complete the process otherwise the system automatically erases all the stored information. This means that you must re-do the entire application from the beginning if you are not able to complete the process in 7 days.

On average, an applicant spends approximately 4 hours or more to complete the online Singapore Citizenship form. Can you imagine the pain of having to spend several hours all over again just because of some missing information? Worse is to have your Singapore citizenship application rejected after having gone through all that trouble. Some applicants get discouraged/frustrated and give up. This is where our experience and knowledge of the industry come in handy.

Singapore Citizenship application process is far more complicated as compared to the process for Singapore Permanent Residency. Although both applications require to be accurate, as mentioned earlier, the Singapore Citizenship application requires more specific information as compared to the Singapore Permanent Residency. This means that you will need more attention, time, accuracy, and effort for the Singapore Citizenship application. A famous quote by Benjamin Franklin, “Time is money”, stands corrected. Even money cannot buy us extra time. But yes money well spent can save your time.

While applying for your Singapore Citizenship it’s best to engage a trustworthy and reliable immigration agency to assist you. Our services not only include effective advice and strategies but also assist to prepare all documents followed by completing the submission process for you. Check out our price packages

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Don’t be give up when your Singapore citizenship application rejected by ICA. We provide one-stop solution to achieving your dream of Residency and Citizenship in Singapore.

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