Is there a Singapore PR eligibility tool to help you calculate PR chances in Singapore?

Many foreigners from all diverse backgrounds fall in love with Singapore. Some decide to plant their roots in Singapore by setting up a home in the island-state which is one of Asia’s most stable and developed countries and a key financial hub. Read our article: Why live Permanently in Singapore?

Singapore government DOES NOT have a migration point system like in Australia, Canada, etc. To apply for Singapore permanent residency/ citizenship, applicants must fulfill a set of criteria. Click here and read about the criteria:

While thinking of applying for Singapore Permanent Residency or Citizenship it will be helpful to conduct a self-assessment. This should be done before you engage a professional immigration agency to assist you or book an appointment with an immigration consultant.

This tool helps to calculate PR chances of the individual. It gives you a better understanding of your profile, empowers you to better present your application by giving you an idea as to what all the ICA will look into it. It will give you an idea as to what you should look for in a Singapore Immigration Consultant. For more tips on this- read our article: Top 5 Mistakes People Make In Choosing An Immigration Consultant.

It is better to do some groundwork first, rather than investing your time and effort, to later realize that you do not fit the criteria of becoming a Singapore permanent resident/ citizen. Let us work smart here!

Here at The Immigration People, we have designed a tool to assist you in roughly gauging your eligibility. By using the toll to calculate PR chances, you will be better prepared for your meeting with the Immigration consultant and ask pertinent questions.

What is a Singapore PR Eligibility Tool?

The questioner is created based on the collective knowledge of a group of experienced immigration consultants. It is supported by an algorithm that adds and subtracts points from your profile to provide you an overview. This provides a much-needed quantifiable check in the absence of a point-based immigration system used in other countries like Canada, Australia, etc. 

How does it help you? 

The set of questions are carefully designed to help applicants to calculate pr chances they have in Singapore.  

Is it accurate? 

Well, although the result is not a 100% accurate indicator of the actual outcome of application with the ICA, it does provide a rough preliminary gauge and can assist in you in your final decision-making.

Is the list of questions difficult to answer? 

Not at all. The questions are designed to capture basic parameters for your profile. For example: 

Are your immediate family members (spouse and children under 21) PRs as well? Are you applying for Citizenship as a family? – This is to understand more about your family background, to determine if you are planning to apply individually or as a family. Applying as a family increases your chance of a favorable review.

Industry of Occupation – Some industries, which fit into Singapore’s growth and development dream are favored and given more priority by the Singapore government. Especially in the current situation where the world is gripped by a pandemic, people from the IT, healthcare industry, etc. are surely welcomed. For more questions, click here to access. 


There are many Singapore Immigration consultancy and Immigration agency. Everyone claims to provide the same service, but it really is the quality of the service and the proportional price that counts.

Check out our video: How Much Should You Pay Your Immigration Consultant?

As mentioned in our past articles (click the link here for all our past articles) unlike the Financial Sector or Property Agencies the immigration industry is currently not regulated. As such, it is important to be safe and smart while choosing a partner to work with. Read our article: Top 5 Singapore Immigration Agencies Lies (How to avoid these ‘House of Lies’?). .

You do not have to make unnecessary trips to any Immigration Agency, during these vulnerable times of pandemic. Our client’s safety and safeguarding their best interest is always our topmost priority. 

Be safe & stay safe!


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