Top 10 Common Questions asked about Singapore Permanent Residency/Citizenship

We have conducted many webinars, organized many events, conducted talks at various companies, and a huge number of our regular face-to-face consultations. Each profile is distinct and typical but almost every time we encounter the same set of questions.

We have been posting many articles on immigration matters on our website especially on our FAQ page, related videos have also been uploaded to our YouTube channel from time to time. Our prospective clients or even business partners ask similar questions because most have similar concerns and they feel, having an expert address them personally, helps.

In today’s article, we have compiled some commonly asked questions and tried our best to answer them accurately and interestingly.

#1 When is the right time to apply for Singapore Permanent Residency/ Citizenship?

There is no right or wrong time per se. It all depends on when you feel ready to make that commitment and transition, wanting to stay in Singapore for good, make it your home. Next is about having ticked all the checkboxes (criteria to becoming a Singapore PR or citizen). This is when you can say that you are ready to apply for Singapore Permanent Residency/ Citizenship. After this, all you need to do is to put your thoughts into action and get the right partner to help you. 

#2 How much is the service fee?

We are the first and one of the few Singapore immigration agencies that have posted our service fee on our website. We believe in 100% price transparency, consistency and provide greater clarity to our potential clients.

Price transparency practice is a hot button for many companies, especially in the Singapore immigration industry. Unfortunately, there no pricing benchmark in the immigration industry. We are not afraid of people comparing our pricing with our competitors. We believe in the quality of our service provided. That is why we always tell our prospective clients to shop around, do some comparisons before committing to any immigration agency.

As we always say, a higher service fee does not automatically determine the quality of service you are getting. At the same time, if you pay too little you can almost always expect to be short-changed.

#3 Should I do my appeal or re-apply if my Singapore Permanent Residency/ Citizenship application is rejected?

The appeal must be submitted within 6 months from the date of the rejection letter from ICA but there is no point in doing an appeal for the sake of doing it. If there are no significant changes in your profile, it is meaningless to proceed with an appeal. It amounts to losing time and wasting your effort.  

#4 What are the requirements to becoming a Singapore Permanent Resident/ Citizenship?

This information is all over the internet. In short, as long as you are holding on to a valid work pass like Employment Pass or S Pass, you are eligible to apply. For more in-depth information, click here.

#5 What are the common influencing factors affecting your success rate when applying for Singapore PR/ Citizenship?

There are many factors can influence your application. There are more than 10 of them for example, investment, insurance, family ties etc.

Every individual cannot hit an ‘A’ for every one of them. For example, Age, does it mean that if the applicant is older or not in the prime age (28-35 years old), the person has no hope of getting their application approved?

Or if the applicant has lots of money and properties, does it mean that the applicant will stand a higher chance of getting approval? There is no straight answer for that. ICA will not approve an application simply based on one or two factors.

#6 Is it possible to exclude my children from my application?

We encourage our clients to apply as a family rather than as a single. This does not mean that a single applicant stands a lower chance. It is just that when you present your profile as a family, it shows a stronger commitment to be in Singapore.

#7 Can any immigration agency guarantee the success rate?

No immigration agency should say that they can guarantee a 100% success rate because ICA is the only authority that can approve or reject an application. How can anyone guarantee when they are not the person approving?

Just imagine this scenario, we are like a private tutor preparing you to take your school examination. We cannot guarantee your score to be 100% because after all, we are not the one assessing the paper. But helping you to prepare well, definitely, enhances the chances of you scoring well.

#8 Why must I engage an immigration agency when all information and instruction are already stated on the ICA website?

They say, let the professional handle what they are good at. It is just like when you are feeling unwell, will you visit a doctor or simply get some medication that you sourced from the internet? Maybe for a  minor issue, some people might do so. However, changing your permanent residency in Singapore, should not be taken lightly it is a major life decision. Is it not?  Thus should you not get a professional to help you with it? Think about it. 

Watch the below video to hear what our client had to say about applying for the Singapore Permanent Residency/ Citizenship by himself.

#9 How long will it takes for ICA to reply on my application status?

According to the ICA website, it will take about 4-6 months. We do have clients that have gotten their approval in less than 3 months. At the same time, we also seen clients who waited for more than a year for their outcome. If you are well-prepared with your application documents, you will stand a much higher chance as compared to others.

#10 Must I put in efforts towards social integration, or can I simply just donate money to charity?

In simple words, social integration is the process during which newcomers or minorities put in efforts towards being incorporated into the social structure of the host society. Do you think is it possible for a country to accept you as a permanent resident when you do not show efforts towards becoming a part of her?

It is like you want to marry the love of your life (be it husband or wife) who is close to his/ her family, and you do not show efforts towards getting to know the new family members or taking part in the family activities, do you think your future in-laws will welcome you or treat you like one of their own?


It is always good to speak with an experienced immigration consultant. Let them understand your profile so that they can provide you suitable advice to help you increase your chances of getting approval.

What are you waiting for? Contact us now! 😊 

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