Common Lies Told by Singapore Immigration Agencies

We would like to throw some light on one of the News headlines recently. We have often felt and stated that the Singapore Immigration Industry is not regulated. Thankfully, for the first time, we saw the Singapore immigration industry making headlines.  This news did not come as a surprise to us because we have heard from many of our clients who had been victims of this in their previous transactions with such companies. Here is a quick look at the news report, for more details you can read it here.

Some of our prospects/ clients came to us after having a similar bad experience. Some of them were skeptical after we quoted our service fee. They felt that we were charging too little and/or doubted the quality of services we were promising. Once onboard they see the effort, time spend, and quality of service we provide and some communicated that we are charging too little for it all.

Some of our prospects/clients who compared our consultation with other immigration firms felt that our consultation is very informative. Read our article: What to expect during complimentary consultation?

Our consultants do not pressurise prospects to sign up for the services and in fact, encourage them to speak to more than 1 service provider before making the final decision.  

It is not easy to select a reliable and trustworthy immigration agency. Read our article: Immigration Consultants in Singapore – What does it take to be a good one?

In today’s article, we will share with you some common lies dishes out as sales pitches or tactics during the consultation by the Immigration Consultants of most immigration firms. These lies might seem harmless and trivial but can have a bad and lasting impact on you in the longer run. We will highlight some of the common phrases used and hopefully equip you with enough knowledge to help avoid falling for such gimmicks. These common phrases are actually “little white lies” and unfortunately used indiscriminately. Check out these common lies:

#1 – Baseless claims and  Guarantee of high success rate

All Singapore Permanent Residency/ Citizenship applications are approved only by ICA. When the applications are rejected by them, there is no specific reason stated, which means that no one can promise/guarantee the approval as they are not the ones who approve. 

No immigration firms should even advertise or state claims like 70-95% approval. As approval is subject to each profile and the ICA alone.  

Tips and Points to note: A professional immigration firm, can provide advice and help strategise to increase chances of approval. One of the crucial responsibilities is to ensure that clients are well represented by assisting them to compile all their documents and ensure that they comply with the high standard of ICA. Read our article: XXX

#2 – Empty Claims with no facts and wrong information provided

During the consultation, plenty of information is shared by the immigration consultants.

Tips and Points to note:  It is good to check and confirm the information shared during a consultation. Checking over the government websites or speaking with more than one service provider helps.  

In The Immigration People, we always encourage our prospective clients to speak with more than one immigration agency and shop around before making their final decision.  

#3 – Early bird or Evergreen Discount with ‘deep’ price cuts  

It has become a norm that service providers entice clients to sign up for the services before they leave their office, whether by hook or crook. To achieve this, some try all sorts of sales tactics. Some fall prey to such strategies.

For example: Sign up today and get a 50% discount / Promotion ends today, signup now / if you don’t sign now, you don’t get the special discount/ All year round special package and many more.

Tips and Points to note: Keep your mind clear and stay focused, don’t be overwhelmed by misleading and persuasive techniques. Sometimes when things are too good to be true, they usually are. It is good to research a little on pricing from various service providers, find a pricing benchmark. This will greatly help your decision-making process. Here are some questions you might want to consider asking yourself before signing up for a service.

#4 – Special ‘connection’ with Government Bodies 

Some immigration agencies claim that they have a special ‘connection’ or so-called ‘relationship’ or even ‘arrangement’ with the authorities. They imply that with MOM or ICA. This is a blatant lie

Tips and Points to note: Singapore has zero tolerance towards corruption. It is a serious offence to accept or offer bribes/favours from any individual or entity, Singapore Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau (CPIB), a government agency in Singapore that investigates and prosecutes corruption in the public and private sectors is very effective.

Public officers are entrusted with the government systems and data and they uphold the law and maintain the highest standard of conduct and integrity.

In extremely rare cases if someone does go on the wrong side of the law they suffer severe punishment and an example is made to serve as a deterrent to such corrupt practices. There was a rare case about an ICA officer and daughter charged with accepting a bribe to expedite a Malaysian’s PR application. They of course suffered the wrath of the Singapore Judiciary. Read here for more information on the case. Needless to say, the applicant would also be held liable and suffer the consequences. So all must stay away from such gimmicks.  

#5 – More than ‘X’ numbers of approved cases

An In-principle-approval letter (IPA) will be sent to the applicant directly when their application is successful. Read our article: I received the Singapore Citizenship In-Principle-Approval (IPA) Letter, then what?

Tips and Points to note: The immigration agency will not know the application status. As such, no immigration agency is effectively able to conclude the actual number of its successful applications. 


We follow high standards of integrity, a strict Code of Conduct, and Business Ethics. The purpose is to deter wrongdoing, to ensure that our company’s business is conducted in a consistently legal and ethical manner.

Our aim is not just to make money. We act in the best interest of our clients. We want to establish ourselves as a trusted brand. There are times after evaluating a profile we suggest the prospect not apply if we feel their chances are not strong enough. If they stand a very low chance of attaining Singapore PR or Citizenship, we are honest and share with them the true picture.

We are also one of the rare companies in the industry that advocates 100% transparency and we have listed our service fee on our website. Check out our listed price here.

Engage a professional and trustworthy immigration firm to walk the journey with you.

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