PR in Singapore for Indian Nationalities

Some people wonder if it is easier to get PR in Singapore for Indian nationals. We have heard people ask questions like-

  • Is there a preference for PR in Singapore for Indian nationals? 

The demand for Indian tech professionals has doubled in the past few years in Singapore. The rise in the number is due to the demand for tech talents, but no “favourable treatment” is rendered to them when it comes to PR applications. There are no exceptions made as all PR applicants are assessed based on the prevailing criteria set forth by the Singapore government at that point in time. Please read our article: Does CECA have an impact on Singapore PR requirements?

The number of Indian employment pass (EP) holders has doubled in Singapore over the past few years due to the rapid growth of Singapore’s digital economy; it is not just Singapore, the global demand for tech talent has gone up, and it so happens that Indian tech professionals are a good fit for this demand. Singapore faces a shortage of tech professionals as many businesses are digitalising, adding to the demand.

However, the number of PR in Singapore for Indians is based on the quota decided by the government. The falling birth rate in Singapore also must be compensated for by constantly adding to the number of Singapore PRs.

Why is Singapore the most popular destination for foreign Indian nationals looking to relocate?

Singapore is an excellent place for relocation. Many factors attract foreigners to Singapore – the quality of life, religious freedom, safety, job opportunities, political stability & more. Singapore also has certain cultural similarities to India.

India has earned a well-deserved place in the global information technology market, and many Indian nationals have made a mark in technology and other fields.

In recent years, Singapore has rapidly adopted technology, and the demand for technology developers and experts has increased exponentially due to the lack of tech talents locally. This presents a vast pool of tech jobs and excellent career opportunities for foreigners, especially the Indians.

Please read our article here: Singapore welcomes foreign talents. Is it the time to submit your Singapore Permanent Resident (PR) Application?

Why do applicants require the help of an immigration agency for applying PR in Singapore?

One of the essential criteria for applying for Singapore PR is to hold a valid Work Pass (EP or S Pass). The applicant can either choose to apply by themselves or engage an immigration agency for applying PR in Singapore.

There are many reasons to engage the service of an immigration agency for applying PR in Singapore.

  • A good immigration agency will help applicants prepare a proper PR application and enhance their approval.
  • It saves time and effort and ensures that the application is submitted within a timeline irrespective of how busy you are.
  • For something this crucial, it is best to use professional help rather than settle for an amateur effort.

Please read our article: Engage a good Singapore Immigration Agency Now!.


Given that Singapore presents excellent career opportunities for people with technical backgrounds and is a multicultural and multiracial country where all live in harmony, Singapore is an attractive country to settle down for good.

We call out to all Indian nationals considering applying for Singapore Permanent Residence / Citizenship. Please speak to our experienced immigration consultants to find out more. Read our article: Complimentary Private Consultation Session – What to expect?

We bring an exclusive series of videos specially created for you to have an in-depth understanding of Singapore Permanent Residency and Citizenship applications for the Busy Bees! Please register your details now to watch our Singapore PR / Citizenship All-In-One video guide series at your own time! Enjoy!

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Frequently asked questions on PR in Singapore for Indian Nationalities for Singapore PR / Citizenship Application.

Qn #1: How much is the service fee?

Ans: We are the first of the very few Singapore immigration agencies that posted our service fee on our website. We believe in 100% transparency and consistency and ensure that we provide greater clarity to our potential clients. Click on the link here to view our rates: (insert pricing page link)

Qn #2: What are the requirements for becoming a Singapore PR?

Ans: As a foreigner, you may be eligible to apply for PR if you hold a valid work pass (EP or S Pass). For more in-depth information and other requirements, click here.

Qn #3: Can any immigration agency guarantee the success rate?

Ans: No immigration agency should claim that they can guarantee a 100% success rate because ICA is the only authority that can approve or reject an application. How can anyone guarantee when they are not the ones approving? We urge all to be wary of agencies that make such claims.

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