PR application documents – What if you do not have them?

In our past articles, we have shared as to, the documents required for pr application documents and the requirements when preparing for Singapore Permanent Residency/ Citizenship application.

In this article, we would like to share with you on, what to do if you do not have these documents. How to manage such a scenario and what should you be doing?

1. For Mandatory Documents

Personal Information:

Commonly, most of the documents can be obtained from your respective embassy. Here are some examples:

a) Valid Travel Document (for applicants and co-applicants) – You need to approach your respective embassy to obtain a copy of it.

b) National Identity Card, Passport, Birth Certificate, Official Household Census List etc  – We understand not every country issues a national identity card and is only applicable should you have one. Other documents like passport or birth certificate / household registry could be obtained from your home embassy.

c) Singapore Pass (Employment Pass / Spass / Personalised Employment Pass (PEP) / Dependant’s Pass (DP) / Long-Term Visit Pass (LTVP) –  This is the work visa issued by Ministry of Manpower (MOM) and should be kept with you at all times.

d) In case you lose your Singapore pass (c) – There may be a nominal charge for replacement of card. Contact the relevant authorities which issued your pass, either the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) or Immigration & Checkpoint Authority (ICA). Should you lose / misplace your card, please report the loss of your card to the nearest Police Station and the relevant authorities at the soonest possible.

Academic Qualifications:

For loss of Educational certificates (including all tertiary qualifications), transcripts, professional license/membership certificates and vocational trade certificates– You need to contact your respective school or university to obtain a copy of the certification and transcript.

Work/ Employment-related:

a) Testimonials from previous employer – This is optional, only where applicable. However, you may choose to contact your ex-employer’s Human Resource Department for assistance.

b) Current Employer’s letter – Contact your current employer’s Human Resource Department for assistance

c) Work Resume – For a job resume, please ensure that you are submitting your latest and accurate version. There are plenty of templates available on the internet for your reference.

Additional documents:

a) Official Marriage Certificate / Death certificate/ Divorce Certificate – For example: Indian nationals, can obtain a copy from their embassy, Indian High Commission.

b) Letters for information clarification or verification by authorities:

– IRAS consent form – Download the form from the ICA Singapore directly.

– Valid Business Registration Certificate –  with names of partners shown.

– (For self-employed) Occupational license pertaining to your employment (e.g. Stall license, business license, property agent license).

2) Non-Mandatory (a.k.a. supporting documents)

a) Cover Letter – Engage a professional immigration agency to customise a detailed cover letter based on your profile.

b) Recommendation Letters from local Singaporeans – Your immigration agency will provide a proper guidance on preparing appropriate testimonials from the most suitable local endorsers based on your profile.

c) Proof for social integration (memberships in local clubs / associations / societies / organisations /etc:) – Approach the respective organizations for these supporting documents

d) Insurance Policies – You can contact your insurance agency/ agent for assistance.

e) Bank accounts, investment portfolio, retirement accounts, etc. – You can contact your bank insurance agency/ agent for assistance.

Besides the above documents, there are many more. As such, it is important to engage an immigration agency to assist you in preparing your Singapore PR/ Citizenship application. They will provide you advice and assistance to obtain your missing pr application documents. An experienced immigration agency will help you to prepare all documents and ensure that they are well organised so that your chances of getting the approval are enhanced and you are stress free and confident in meeting the deadlines too. Most importantly, a proper  and comprehensive compilation of your documentation will reduce your potential rejection risks. Talk to us because we are the experts and will work hard to serve your interest. We are ..…always ready to help.

 Contact us and arrange a Private Free Consultation Session with us.

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