PR in Singapore for Indians – is it true that Indians stand a lower chance in attaining Singapore Permanent Residency?

According to the National Population Talents Division (NPTD)’s Population White Paper, Singapore accepts approximately 30,000 new PRs a year and grants between 15,000 – 25,000 new citizenships annually. Immigration helps to moderate the impact of ageing and low birth rates in our citizen population, preventing our population size from shrinking over the longer term.

The pie chart below shows the overview of Singapore’s population as of end June 2020.

PR in Singapore for Indians is an intermediate step for committed and eligible Indian talents who may wish to take up Singapore citizenship in the future. Singapore promotes a healthy and cohesive society and has a rich history of welcoming people of different cultures and backgrounds. In fact, most Singaporeans can trace their ancestry beyond the country’s shores. Hence, there is no discrimination against individuals of a specific nationality or race, but rather, the government does its best to keep the ethnic composition of our population balanced, which is reflected in the graph below. 

The number of new PR in Singapore for Indians every year depends on several factors, including the demand in the specific set of skills, industry quota, age bracket, family nucleus, economic contributions, social integration efforts, and many more. There is no one ultimate deciding factor in attaining a Singapore PR.

Every PR candidate is evaluated holistically to assess the applicant’s ability to integrate into and contribute to Singapore and their commitment to sinking roots here. Various integration markers are considered, such as applicants’ family ties to Singaporeans, length of residency here, and whether they have studied in Singapore schools or completed National Service. This is standard across all ethnic groups and nationalities.

Over the years, The Immigration People’s track record for our Indian clients’ approval remains stellar. Part of the reason why is because we conduct a thorough evaluation of our clients’ profile and “select” our clients. Should we feel that a client’s profile is not suitable under the prevailing PR policies, we will provide them with the right guidance on how to strengthen their profile or to apply later instead of rushing into filing a PR application immediately.  Read our article: Singapore welcomes foreign talents. Is it the time to submit your Singapore Permanent Resident (PR) Application?

Every client is unique, which means we curate our client’s applications individually, from scratch. We love to learn more about our clients’ special situations and use the knowledge we have in the Singapore immigration policies to work through the steps involved throughout the PR process.

If you are unsure and have more questions with regards to migrating to Singapore, we encourage you to meet our professional immigration consultants to assist you. Read our article: What to expect during your Complimentary Private Consultation Session?

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