I receive the Singapore Citizenship in-principle-approval (IPA) letter, then what? Part II

After receiving the Citizenship IPA letter, the very first step is the e-journey.

The e-journey, as per its name, is an entirely virtual training/test. 

It has been completely virtualized partially because of COVID-19, partially because it is a more straightforward way to understand Singapore history, politics, geography, etc.  You can do it at your own pace, at home; no need to go to seminars or training classes, so it is quite convenient.

Do note the e-journey was explicitly designed for Mozilla Firefox, so this is the right time to change your browser.  Also, ensure any pop-up blocker is disabled. 

Without any delays, we went to the site (www.sgjourney.gov.sg); each applicant from 16 years old to 60 needs to do this step individually.  After login in with Singpass, you need to enter your in-principle-approval (IPA) date; your application ID is already shown.  Once you select your salutation and your English proficiency, you should check all your details like current address, mobile phone, and e-mail.

There is an elementary survey at the beginning; I imagine to customize and personalize the experience. 

The e-journey consists of four chapters and a final survey.  The whole e-journey, with the Singapore Experiential Tour (SET) and the Community Sharing Sessions (CSS), needs to be finished precisely two months from the IPA letter date, so waste no time to get it done.

Today we will briefly cover the four chapters, superficially, not getting too deep since we do not want to spoil the experience. 

This first chapter is mostly about how Singapore overcame her history challenges to become the global city she is today.  You do not need to finish the chapter in one go; you can at any time leave and come back, all your previous progress is automatically saved.

The second chapter is a bit longer and takes you through various topics like Nation Symbols, the Education and Healthcare Systems, Working and Living in Singapore, the Government, etc.  I learned a lot in this chapter.

Chapter three talks about multicultural practices, daily norms, and the Singapore values system.  Nothing that you do not know by now if you have been living here for a few years, but it allows you “connect the dots.” 

Chapter four talks mostly about all aspects of Defence.  Do you know that we should also think about Economic and Psychological Defence?  That was interesting.

The final survey is general feedback to the developers of the e-journey so that they can improve it for future applicants.  After completing the survey, my e-journey shows 37.5% completed and 49 days to go, we better hurry.

So what is next?

Stay tuned; this is getting, as expected, quite interesting.

Hi, my name is Miguel Mateo, co-founder and partner at The Immigration People.  My family and I have been in Singapore for a bit over six years, and yes, our Citizenship application was approved in-principle after two years of anxiously waiting. 

Join me in the journey of the intricacies after receiving the in-principal-approval (IPA) letter. At a high level of detail, I will try to cover the process, documents, formal activities required, etc., to become a Singapore Citizen.

Contact us for a complimentary private consultation session.

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