Recommendation Letter for PR application – Is it necessary?

You might be wondering why it is essential to have recommendation letters in your Singapore PR / Citizenship applications. A recommendation letter is not a must to have; however, it is good to include as a supporting document for your application if you want to enhance your chances of being considered by the immigration authorities, i.e., Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (“ICA”). It is also advisable to include other documents such as cover letters, certificates, and more.

Recommendation letters from locals are the documents that are often overlooked by applicants when submitting their Singapore PR applications. These letters are also referred to as testimonials. Some applicants underestimate their importance and fail to recognize their impact, which in fact can significantly improve the chances of getting approval.

The majority of applicants who submit their own applications do not include a recommendation letter and more often than not, their applications get rejected.

Some do submit Recommendation Letters/ testimonials, but they land up making some mistakes.

In today’s article, we will go over some of the most common mistakes applicants make while drafting their recommendation letters, as well as some tips and pointers from us.

What is a recommendation letter?

The purpose of submitting recommendation letters from local Singaporeans is to show to the government that you have fostered good relationship with fellow Singaporeans and they are happy to offer their personal support for your PR or Citizenship application. A good recommendation letter will provide testimony to your positive character, work ethic, creditability, social integration efforts, etc. 

Content for the Recommendation Letter for PR application

It is crucial to pay attention to the substance and message communicated through the recommendation letter.

One common misconception is that using fancy language will result in a good recommendation letter. Unfortunately, this is not the case.

You should get the services of a professional copywriter to properly showcase your profile and write a Recommendation Letter that appropriately represents you.

Cognitive abilities along with proficiency in English are required. The person writing the letter must be able to understand the applicant’s profile and write what not just represents the applicant well but also resonates with the applicant and the endorser.  All of our well-trained copywriters at The Immigration People are provided with a profile update, conduct extensive research and acquire all relevant information about the applicant and the endorser before writing each Recommendation Letter.

Number of Recommendation letters per application and pages for each letter

It is the quality of the recommendation letters that matters, not just the quantity.

We strongly recommended that each recommendation letter be 1- 1.5 pages long. The font size should ideally be set to 11. Rather than using coloured paper, we recommend using A4 size white plain paper. We do come across applicants who not only use coloured paper but also write their letters by hand. These are a big no-no when it comes to drafting any PR documents. The Recommendation letter should be strictly an official document that can at most be on the letterhead of the endorser if applicable.

In terms of the number of recommendation letters, three is a good number, but as previously stated, the content and quality of the Recommendation Letter for a PR application are more important.

Who should I approach for a Recommendation Letter?

This is a question that our prospects and clients frequently ask-

It is important that each applicant comprehends the objectives behind the Recommendation letter. The purpose of a Recommendation letter is to demonstrate to an ICA officer that the applicant is suitable to be a Singapore Permanent Resident or Citizen and can settle well into the social fabric and value add to Singapore. The individual who recommends them is crucial for this reason, but it should be someone well known. Additionally, endorsers should belong to various ethnicities to help showcase the diversity in friendships that the client has forged here in Singapore.

We always advise applicants to look for someone with whom they are comfortable and who has a long-term relationship with the applicant. They could think of the following:

– A close friend, preferably a Singaporean or a Singapore Permanent Resident

– A co-worker or supervisor from their existing or previous company they have worked for


At the end of the day, getting PR/ Citizenship approved is the ultimate goal. Otherwise, the applicants may have to go through the rigmarole of filing an appeal or applying again. Please read our article: Appeal Letter to ICA for Singapore PR/ Citizenship Application.

It is best to prepare well before applying for your application. Educating yourself and working with the right partner is crucial. Read our article: 12 Documents required to apply for PR in Singapore.

Engage the services of an experienced and reliable immigration firm. At The Immigration People, we do not use a one size fits all approach hence we do not use templates for Recommendation Letters. Every one of our letters, whether it’s a cover letter or a recommendation letter, is completely customized to each applicant. Once again, we like to stress the importance of a Recommendation Letter for PR application.

Let us help you with your application. Contact our experienced immigration consultants to arrange a complimentary consultation. Read our article: Engage a good Singapore Immigration Agency NOW! and This is why choosing the right immigration agency is important.

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