Importance of recommendation letters in your Singapore Permanent Residence / Citizenship Applications

You might be wondering why it is essential to have recommendation letters in your Singapore PR / Citizenship applications. A recommendation letter is not a must to have; however, it is good to include as a supporting document for your application if you want to enhance your chances of being considered by the immigration authorities, i.e., Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (“ICA”). It is also advisable to include other documents such as cover letters, certificates, and more.

What is a recommendation letter?

The purpose of submitting recommendation letters from local Singaporeans is to show to the government that you have fostered good relationship with fellow Singaporeans and they are happy to offer their personal support for your PR or Citizenship application. A good recommendation letter will provide testimony to your positive character, work ethic, creditability, social integration efforts, etc. 

How many recommendation letters should I provide? 

One should never go overboard with the number of recommendation letters. It would not lend more weight to your PR application if you were to supply ICA with 10 or 20 letters from your neighbours or colleagues! A sweet spot is to get references from 3-4 locals of another race and religion. 

Who to ask? 

You may consider approaching the following Singaporeans: 

• Past employers

• Colleagues

• Business partners

• Clients 

• Friends

• Relatives

It depends on your profile to decide who you should ask for a recommendation letter. For example, if you are a business owner today, you may consider reaching out to your partners and/or clients. If you are a salaried employee, getting recommendation letters from your current colleagues or superiors will be helpful. If you have studied in Singapore, approaching your professors during your college years will also be a great addition! 

 The source of the letter will determine what should be the focus of the letter.

  • Letter from current / past employers: Include specific examples of how you had demonstrated various skills when you were in the company, your relationship with your colleagues and team, etc.
  • Letter from business vendor or client: Explain the relationship, emphasize your most valuable attributes, and reason for the recommendation.
  • Letter from a personal friend: Include specific examples to show that you are well integrated into the Singaporean society, provide testimony to your good character, emphasize why they feel you are suitable to be a part of Singapore, etc. 

Here are some sample phrases one could use –

  • Recommendation letter from employers: 

“Jane knows her work well and is quick to assist others in times of need. She also does not shrug off responsibility and we can always count on her with any tasks/projects assigned to her or the team. “

  • Recommendation letter from clients: – e.g., your contribution to the client’s problem

“…his quick analysis of the issues we’re facing, with his vast knowledge…he develop practical solutions to our problem without costing us more than is required…. his honesty in business dealing and professionalism have left us with a deeply positive impression of his character and integrity….”

  • Recommendation Letter from a friend:

“I know Jane through a sports event 5 years ago and we have been friends ever since. Jane has an excellent rapport with people of all ethnicities and ages with her excellent communication skills and friendly demeanour.” 

Engage a Professional Immigration Agency to assist you.

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