Singapore PR Documents required for Submission

All Singapore Permanent Resident PR Applications are submitted through the Electronic Permanent Residence (e-PR) system. It requires a Singpass to proceed with that.

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During the online application process, there are several fields required to be filled. When a field is left blank, the submission will be considered incomplete. For those incomplete or insufficient information/ documents, the system will not accept the application. It can be frustrating, especially you cannot proceed to the next page, and the system kept prompting you error messages.

That is why you need to be careful and meticulous when submitting your application. There are many details required. As such, it is best to engage a professional immigration agency to assist you.

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There are many documents required when you submit your Singapore Permanent Resident PR Application.

Points to note for Singapore Permanent Resident PR application documents:

a) Photograph – There are quite a handful of requirements/ guidelines for the photo. For example, the size, background of the photo, file format etc.

b) Employer’s Information (They are named as Annex A)

The employer of the applicant has to provide information such as:

i) The nature of the company’s business and activities – Depending on the trade of business, it will require different information. For example, type of products, source of imports if the business trade is trading, types of service (s) rendered, etc. The document format has to be saved in PDF or a photo in JPEG format when uploading into the system. All original documents will be required in the future when your application is approved.

ii) Proof of your Basic Salary – Overtime, Bonus, Commission, Travelling, food or housing allowance etc do not need to be included

c) Translation of Documents – All documents have to be translated to English. It can be done by the Embassy of the document-issuing country or a local Notary Public.

d) Declaration forms – a set is required each for the applicant and spouse (if applicable). It has to be signed before uploading to the system. Do note that all information in the forms have to be completed. They must be accurate and verifiable.

The most crucial point to note is the applicant’s signature. If the form indicated a field for applicant’s signature, it must be signed. It serves as confirmation, and the information provided is accurate and valid.

We have a lot more to share, the best is to contact us and arrange a Private Free Consultation Session with us.

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