Singapore Permanent Resident Renewal

22,550 Singapore citizens and Permanent Residents (PR) were granted between June 2018 to June 2019. 

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You will receive a letter from The Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) when your Singapore Permanent Resident (PR) status is about to expire. Some people get confused with renewing a Singapore PR status and a Re-Entry Permit. When you renew a REP, it means your Singapore PR status is renewed.
What is a Re-Entry Permit (REP)?
A valid re-entry permit (REP) allows a Singapore permanent resident to retain his/ her permanent residence status when traveling out of Singapore.
A Singapore permanent resident who leaves Singapore or remains overseas without a valid REP will lose his permanent residence status.
The applicant does not travel and always stays within Singapore, is there a need to apply for a REP? 
Theoretically, applicants do not need to apply for REP in such a scenario. However, if there is a change of plan in the future, his/her REP application will not be approved.   
It is always advisable to respond to ICA’s letter.
When do you need to renew a REP? 
If the REP is still valid, applicants must submit their application online to ICA via the Electronic Re-Entry Permit System (e-REP) no earlier than three (3) months before the current expiry date of REP.
In case the REP has expired, an appointment must be booked online with ICA and to apply in person. 
Can ICA reject the renewal application?
Yes, it is possible. ICA considers the circumstances of each applicant in deciding on the renewal of the REP.
The applicant must be employed to show his/her continuing contribution to Singapore (CPF contribution, income tax etc). 

Some applicants may have stayed in Singapore for many years and have reached their retirement age, ie. No longer employable or not in the workforce. ICA may renew their REP in recognition of their past contributions to Singapore.
Note that if the applicants did not stay in Singapore for a while after obtaining his/her Singapore PR, the REP renewal period granted by ICA maybe shorter, prolonged, or not even at all. 
One of our clients is a PR in Singapore for Indian family; her last visit to Singapore was in 2016. ICA approved her renewal application as her husband is still holding a valid permanent residence status. She was granted a one-year REP.
How long will it take to know if the renewal is successful? 
The processing time is estimated 1-2 weeks and it will also depend on the individual profile.
Do contact us, and we offer the Singapore Permanent Resident renewal service. 

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