Cover Letter for Singapore PR Application

Most Applicants have questions regarding the  Cover Letter for Singapore PR Application.

Most questions are around aspects like-

  • The purpose of having a cover letter.
  • Is it a MUST?
  • Is a cover letter for pr application a mandatory requirement by the Singapore Immigration Checkpoint Authority (ICA)?
  • Is there any standard format for a cover letter for pr application?

These questions are natural as there are cases where applications submitted without providing a cover letter get approved.

We want to reiterate that an effectively drafted cover letter for pr application substantially INCREASES YOUR CHANCE of getting your Singapore PR/ Citizenship application approved.

A well-drafted cover letter for pr application shows that you have put additional effort into your application, and it helps to highlight relevant points effectively. Through this article, we share tips on preparing an effective cover letter.

What is a Cover Letter?

A cover letter for a Singapore PR Application refers to a written document to elaborate on an applicant’s suitability for the intended residence status in Singapore. It must be personalised according to the profile of the applicant.

The cover letter is about 4-5 pages and 1,200 words to 2,000 words long. The cover letter’s length dramatically depends on the applicant’s profile, but most importantly, it should be relevant to the applicant’s profile, and content is always more important than the length of the cover letter.

What does the content cover?

The content must be relevant to the applicant. A longer cover letter does not make it a better one. We should focus on the quality of the letter and not just the number of pages.

Typically, a cover letter for a Singapore PR application should contain a brief introduction of the applicant. The applicant’s name, FIN no., and the applicants’ background, e.g., origin and family ties etc.

The main reasons that attract the applicant to relocate/ migrate to Singapore should be included. The applicant may elaborate on Singapore’s stability, cultural diversity, food, economic trajectory, security, and education system.

Sharing plans for a life in Singapore and asset planning for a secure future in Singapore helps to display the applicant’s sincerity, commitment, and planning for a long-term stay in Singapore.

A summary indicating the applicant’s educational Level, unique talents, and continued upskilling efforts should be highlighted.

As for work experience and career highlights, this can be like a resume for a job application. It should include the applicant’s past and current work experience, employer’s information, professional achievements etc. Suppose the applicant is planning for Business Relocation to Singapore. In that case, the cover letter should be written highlighting how the business fits into the Singapore government’s business and economic planning (e.g., Technology), economic contribution, hiring of local staff etc. Please read our article on Business Relocation.

Financial stability can be indicated by including information on the Financial Investments, Fixed Assets, Property Investments, and Economic Contributions.

It is a good idea to highlight and include the applicant’s social contribution to the local community in Singapore. Endorsements, donations to any recognized charitable organization or completed or ongoing volunteering work can be highlighted.


Preparing a suitable and effective cover letter for PR application requires someone with a fount of knowledge​/ experience in Singapore immigration. The writer must also be able to summarize all necessary information using the right keywords.

A Singapore PR cover letter helps form the first impression of the ICA officer; this is very important as there is no interview before the decision on an application is taken. Please read our article: Singapore PR Application Tips – MUST KNOW!

The cover letter can be treated as a sales pitch to help your profile stand out from the rest of the applicants. Choosing the right working partner will ensure that your Singapore PR cover letter is written well and makes the best impression on the person reviewing it. Please read our article on: This is why choosing the right immigration agency is important!.

As a professional immigration agency, we always customize and personalize each Singapore PR cover letter for our clients.

Some of our clients shared their unpleasant experiences with other immigration firms where templates were used for their cover letters and recommendation letters. We strongly believe that templates will not reflect an applicant’s unique profile appropriately or manage to showcase their application to the ICA.

A personalized Singapore PR cover letter will build up the profile and make an application shiner compared to the rest. It allows the ICA officer to know pertinent details about the applicant before going through the stack of supporting documents. In other words, it is a summary of your application.

Let us help you with your application. Contact our experienced immigration consultants and arrange a complimentary consultation. Please read our article: Engage a good Singapore Immigration Agency NOW!

If you have no time to attend the consultation, we have you covered. An exclusive series of videos specially created for you to have an in-depth understanding of Singapore Permanent Residency and Citizenship applications. Please register your details now to watch our Singapore PR / Citizenship All-In-One video guide series at your own time! Enjoy!

Frequently Asked Questions About Cover Letter for Singapore PR Or Singapore Citizenship

#1 Is A Cover Letter Necessary for Singapore PR Application?

Ans: Although it is not compulsory or mandatory to have a Cover Letter with your PR application, it helps you increase your chances of getting an approval. More importantly, it highlights your educational qualifications, business goals and plans for the future, and proves your potential to enrich the country.

#2 What Are Some Other Things I Have to Take Note Of?

You will want to make sure that your cover letter is written clearly and succinctly. The tone should not be too casual and always remember to proofread your Cover Letter. If you need any assistance, please reach out to us!

#3 Can I draft a cover letter for PR application by myself, or should I engage a professional?

We will recommend you engage an immigration firm to do it for you.  At The Immigration People, we will conduct an in-depth assessment of each client’s profile and translate salient points to our certified copywriter to draft a customised and personalised cover letter.

#4 Can I use the template from the internet to prepare a cover letter for PR application?

Ans: We will not recommend that.

#5 How many pages are ideal for a cover letter for PR application?

Ans: We will suggest 3-4 pages for each cover letter. Applicants should focus on the quality of the content rather than the pages of the cover letter.

#6 What should be included in the cover letter?

Ans: We will suggest a summary indicating the applicant’s educational background, unique talents and continued upskilling efforts highlighted effectively.

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