What to be included in a Cover Letter when applying for Singapore Permanent Residency/ Citizenship?

You probably have many questions regarding the cover letter attached to your Singapore Permanent Resident (PR)/ Citizenship application. For example, what are the purposes of having a cover letter? Is it a MUST to have one? Is it a mandatory requirement by the Singapore Immigration Checkpoint Authority (ICA)? Is there any standard format for a cover letter? 

A properly drafted cover letter will increase your chance for sure. Check out our article on Common Reasons for Singapore PR Rejection.

It will show that you have put some extra effort into your application.

In this article, we will share the essential tips when preparing a cover letter.

What is a Cover Letter?

A cover letter refers to a written document to introduce applicants’ suitability for their intended immigration application. It must be personalized according to the profile of the applicant. 

In general, the cover letter is about 2-4 pages (inclusive of tables breaking down necessary commitments) and consist of between 1,200 words and 1,600 words. The cover letter’s length greatly depends on the applicant’s profile but most importantly, it is the relevance of the content.

What does the content cover? 

The content has to be relevant to the applicant.  

a) Overview – There should be a brief introduction of the applicant. The applicant’s name, FIN no., the applicants’ background, for e.g. the location of origin, family ties (Immediate family members are living in Singapore etc). 

b) Motivation Factors – Include applicant’s family ties who live in Singapore, a short description of future aspirations. If the applicant has male children, do include a few liners on your optimistic views regarding the Singapore National Service. 

In this session, the applicant can also include the main appeals that attract them to relocate/ migrate to Singapore. The applicant may elaborate on Singapore’s stability, cultural diversity, food, economic trajectory, security, and education system. Check out our article on Why Live Permanently in Singapore?  

c) Long-Term Plans – Sharing of future family plans in Singapore and future asset allocation in Singapore will display your sincerity and determination to the ICA officer.

d) Background and Qualifications – A summary indicating applicant’s educational Level, unique talents and continued upskilling efforts. 

As for work experience and career highlights. In this session will be similar to a resume for a job application. It will be covering applicant’s past and current work experience, employers’ information, professional achievements etc. Suppose the applicant is planning for Business Relocation to Singapore. In that case, it should be written from the perspective of fitting to Singapore government’s trajectory (e.g., Technology), economic contribution, hiring of local staff etc. 

Please read our article on Becoming a Singapore Permanent Residency (PR)/ Citizenship via Business Relocation to Singapore.  

f) Social Integration – Highlight and include endorsements, donations to any recognized charity organization, or completed or on-going volunteering work. That will provide applicant’s social contribution to the local community in Singapore. 

Last but not least.

g) Financial Viability in Singapore – Information on the insurance (inclusive of Organization & Policy Number), Financial Investments (inclusive of the magnitude of investments and account number etc), Fixed Assets, Property Investments, Economic Contributions (Taxes if significant, e.g., >SGD 1million/year) 


A good cover letter required someone with a fount of knowledge/ experience in the Singapore immigration industry to draft a top-notch cover letter. The writer must be able to summarize all necessary information using the appropriate language. The cover letter is the first impression set to the ICA officer since no interview is required for Singapore PR/ Citizenship Application. Treat the cover letter as a sales pitch that will market the application and help an applicant stand out from the rest of the application. Choosing the right working partner will ensure the applicant’s cover letter makes the best impression on the person reviewing it.

As a professional immigration agency (read our article on Top 5 Mistakes People make in Choosing an Immigration Consultant), we always customize a personalized cover letter for our clients. A personalized cover letter will build up your profile and make your application stand out from the rest. It allows the ICA officer to know you better, before going through the stack of your supporting documents.

In other words, it is a summary of your application.

For more on how we can assist you with Singapore PR applications, you can begin by taking our preliminary assessment here.

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