Appeal Letter to ICA for Singapore Permanent Residency (PR) Application

It is normal to feel frustrated when you receive a rejection from Immigration Checkpoint Authority (ICA) for your PR application.

Having spent long hours collating documents, checking all your information, doing the groundwork, talking to people, and then spending long hours on your laptop to fill up the application, to see it all boil down to nothing. Disappointment and frustration are quite normal reactions. But it is not a time to give up. For more,  read our article: Your Singapore Citizenship Application rejected by ICA?

Consider the scenario where the applicant has specially engaged an immigration agency to help apply for the Singapore PR. All the disappointment and frustration get mounted on by the amount of money spent as the service fee, the unkept promises made by them and not to mention the time the applicant would have lost during the processing before the reply from ICA.

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We understand this pain. That is why in this article we like to share an all-you-need-to-know about appeal letter to ICA.   

Lately, we have experienced an increased number of of SPR/SC applicants, making inquiries for appeal after rejection.

Some of the prospects land up sending their appeal letter to ICA without must thought and consideration and lose the precious chance for appealing their case effectively.

What is an appeal letter to ICA? 

The purpose of an appeal letter to ICA is to request ICA officer to reconsider your SPR/SC application.

When ICA rejects your Singapore Permanent Resident (PR)/ Citizenship application, you can either:

#1 –  prepare an appeal letter to ICA

#2 – wait for some time, preferably six months, and re-apply as a fresh new Singapore Permanent Resident (PR) application. 

When do you proceed with an appeal letter? 

You must submit your appeal letter within six (6) months of the date stated on your rejection letter from the ICA. A point to add is that you will save time and administration fee of S$ 100, by opting for the appeal.

How long will you have to wait for the appeal result?

It depends. After all, ICA is the one who will be replying to the appeal letter. No one can control or assume how long it will take. However, based on our experience. Some cases may take a few days or few weeks. Some cases take very long, up almost to a year.

It also depends on the content of the appeal letter. We strongly suggest that the appeal letter be drafted and prepared by a professional who is dealing in the immigration industry.

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With the years of experience in this industry, we can draft an appeal letter customized to suit our client’s specific profile, showcasing the best to ensure their application stands out from the rest.  

How many times can I appeal? 

It is not a good idea to give ICA the impression that you are abusing the appeal system by continually trying to appeal unless there are some favorable changes to your profile. For applicants who put in effort into improving your situation, credentials, qualifications, etc. appeal becomes very meaningful and, in some cases, does have a positive impact.

For example #1 – Lack of volunteering efforts

If your profile was lacking in the volunteering aspect, you took steps to ‘beef up’ this area by contributing more hours / financial contributions towards this cause. 

For example #2 – Change of employment (Achievement in terms of salary increment/ job promotion etc)

If there were significant changes in your job. Salary increment and change of job description like you moving up to a higher role in the company, heading a new team, taking up a new project etc.

Tips for preparing an appeal letter. 

Many applicants just focus on mentioning that they would like to stay in Singapore for very general reasons. Singapore’s social stability, a booming economy, livable environment, safety are the main reasons stated. They forget that ICA is fully aware of all these facts and stating this alone does not help their case. You have got to draft an appeal letter that makes you STANDOUT from the rest of the Singapore Permanent Residency (PR) applicants. There are other strategies available to increase your chances, encouraging ICA to consider your Singapore Permanent Residency (PR) application. A few suggestions:

  • Good-integration into the Singaporean society
  • Presence of extended family members already living in Singapore
  • Highlighting your achievements towards your employer and industry of your employment
  • Sharing your future plans be it personal or professional to be noted when your application is reconsidered (e.g., Setting up a company, etc.)

A recap,  your Singapore Permanent Resident (PR)/ Citizenship application will be considered based on the following factors: 

  • Academic Certifications
  • Employment History and future growth aspects
  • Duration of your stay in Singapore
  • Societal contributions that you have made to Singapore
  • Your family ties that you have in Singapore

We can share more of the above with you during our complimentary private consultation session. Please read our article: Complimentary Private Consultation Session – What to expect?

There is a saying, ‘Do it right the first time.’ When a good, professional immigration agency prepares your application, the chances of getting your Singapore Permanent Residency (PR)/ Citizenship approved are higher.

The time and money spend would be fruitful. The disappointment, stress, anxiety during could be avoided. In other words, there won’t be a need for an appeal.

You can check out the Tips for getting your Singapore Permanent Resident (PR)/ Citizenship Approved

Hear what our client say about us:

Engage a good and reliable immigration agency that can analyze your profile, guide you on if/how to proceed with an appeal or simply wait for the cooling off period and apply a fresh application. We are available to connect with you and to assist you by giving you relevant immigration information. We are more than happy to share with you. 

Finally, you may want to check your eligibility using our e-preliminary profile assessment tool (e-PPA). 

If you do not have time to arrange a consultation with us. We have you COVERED!

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