Appeal Letter to ICA for Singapore PR / Citizenship Application

When a Singapore PR/Citizenship application is rejected, the applicant can file an appeal with the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA). Applicants are frequently faced with the dilemma of whether to file an appeal letter to ICA or wait for six (6) months and re-apply with a new application. The applicants may not always know how to prepare an appeal letter for pr application. Preparing a high quality and convincing appeal letter for PR application requires a good command of English. It also requires knowledge of Singapore immigration matters and some experience drafting an effective appeal letter for PR application.

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This article will go over some valuable tips for writing an effective appeal letter for PR application and the basic dos and don’ts for writing an appeal letter to ICA.

The fact that ICA does not provide specific reasons for application rejection for citizenship or openly disclose any information regarding Singapore PR approval criteria makes it essential to seek the help of professionals in this field.

What Is An Appeal Letter?

When ICA rejects your PR / Citizenship application, you can file an appeal to ICA. This should be done only if there are significant changes or improvements to your circumstances since your initial application.

Should You Submit An Appeal Letter To ICA Or File A Fresh Application?

You should check for several things before proceeding with to appeal for your Singapore PR or Singapore Citizenship application. If your living circumstances have improved drastically regarding earning capabilities or completion of higher studies in Singapore, you can consider submitting an appeal.

This includes your economic contributions (monthly income), time spent in Singapore, having a stronger social front, plans in Singapore, etc. It is essential to include these additional documents and information in your appeal. However, if none of these points applies to you, you may wish to take a breather and step back to wait for the next window to submit a new application instead. Without any significant changes from the first application, you risk a higher chance of facing another rejection from the ICA. Read our article: Take Immediate Action when facing Singapore PR Rejection.

When Do You Submit an Appeal Letter to ICA?

Suppose you feel that your application’s decision was unjust and have grounds to justify why you should be reconsidered (referring to the above). In that case, you may submit an appeal letter to ICA. You are advised to submit the appeal letter to ICA within the first (6) six months from the date stated in your rejection letter. Generally, you will save time and application fees with an appeal. Note that a new Singapore PR / Citizenship application can only be filed six (6) months from the rejection date, with the usual application fees, i.e., S$100 per applicant.

How Long Will You Have to Wait for The Result of Your Appeal?

It depends. After all, ICA is the one who will have complete discretion over the approval of your appeal letter. No one can control or assume how long the processing time will be.

However, based on our experience, some cases may take a short period – a few days or weeks, while others may take up to a year to receive a reply from ICA.

How Many Times Can I Submit an Appeal Letter To ICA?

ICA only allows ONE appeal per rejected application. It is best not to abuse the appeal system, and there is no point in trying without putting in any effort to improve your situation, credentials, qualifications, etc. For example, suppose you lack the social integration aspect in your Singapore PR application. In that case, you may consider ‘beefing up’ this area by participating in voluntary work such as volunteering at a local pet shelter, elderly’s home, or even providing free coaching services for sports or tuition to anyone. It would help if you also thought of other ways of contributing to the community to add value to your appeal. Read our article: Considering Factors of an Application for Singapore Permanent Residence

Other Useful Tips for Preparing An Appeal Letter To ICA

Writing an appeal letter to overturn the unfavorable decision is not simple. How you angle your appeal is significant, and your letter should be convincing, with supporting documents backing your claims. There is no fixed way to write an appeal, but you definitely should not download template applications from the web and submit it!

Avoid over-emphasizing Singapore’s attractiveness. Examples include Singapore’s social stability, excellent healthcare, education system, etc. ICA is fully aware of why Singapore is attractive. You must write an appeal that allows YOU to stand out from the rest applying for Singapore Permanent Resident (PR).

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There are other strategies available to enhance your Appeal. For example: showing that you have Integrated into the Singapore Society, highlighting your achievements at work, etc.

Your Singapore PR / Citizenship application will be reviewed on factors like:

  • Academic Certifications
  • Employment History (past and present)
  • Duration of stay in Singapore
  • Societal contributions made to Singapore and many more…


There is a saying, ‘Do it right the first time.’ When a professional immigration agency prepares your application, getting your Singapore Permanent Resident (PR) / Citizenship rejected is lower.

Hear what our client says about us.

Please speak with our knowledgeable and experienced immigration team. They will examine and assess your situation to determine whether it is worthwhile to file an appeal with ICA or whether you should wait and submit a new application. To make an informed selection, you need professional assistance.

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Arrange a complimentary consultation now with us.

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Frequently asked questions on Appeal Letter to ICA for Singapore PR / Citizenship Application

Qn 1: How Do I Appeal For PR Rejection In Singapore?

Ans: You can sent your appeal letter to ICA by email

Qn 2: Can We Submit An Appeal Letter To ICA Online?

Ans: There is no online application for an appeal. Applicant will have to email their Appeal Letter directly to ICA

Qn 3: Why Are My Applications Getting Rejected?

Ans: Several factors may affect the outcome of your application. Sometimes it can be health issues, misrepresentation or criminal records. It can often be the case whereby there is a discrepancy within your application and documents, etc.

Qn 4: How Do I Write An Appeal Letter?

Ans: While there are no straightforward templates for appealing for a PR application in Singapore or citizenship, we are more than willing to assist you through the process of coming up with better chances of getting your next PR application to be approved. Do check with us to find out more.

Qn 5: When do I submit an appeal letter to ICA?

Ans: We recommend submitting an appeal letter to ICA within six (6) months from the date of your application rejection letter.

Qn 6: Is it necessary to hire a professional immigration firm to assist in preparing an appeal letter to ICA?

Ans: We highly recommend applicants engage an experienced Singapore immigration firm to assist in preparing an appeal letter to ICA. They stand a higher success rate/ chances of getting approved.

Qn 7: Can I submit the appeal letter to ICA via email?

Yes, an appeal letter to ICA can be submitted either by email or post. The email and address are stated in the applicant’s rejection letter.

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