Tips for getting your Singapore PR/ Citizenship Approved

Singapore is such a comfortable place for foreigners to adapt and live in. Many travellers, be it they are here for leisure or work, or they are business owners. When they first visited Singapore, they are amazed by the livable environment. They feel that Singapore indeed was as described to what they have read over the internet and others.

Singapore has created a business-friendly environment. It spends years and huge amount of money on building world-class infrastructure. It has one of the best tax frameworks in the world. As a result, it is the best place for any investor to enhance their business and their presence if they plan to relocate their business to Asia.

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Words describing Singapore are usually related to clean, safe, orderly, the people are happy and everyone seems to do what is ‘right’. Last but not least is the politeness of the people. They are deeply attracted to this cosmopolitan and vibrant city.

Over time, they would come to the happy conclusion that this is the place they want to call “home”.

There are many reasons motivated them to proceed with their Singapore Permanent Resident/ Citizenship application.

To name a few reasons, they are: 

  • Affordable and quality healthcare
  • One of the Asia region’s most politically stable countries
  • Racial harmony living environment
  • Openness to various kind of religion

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You will find tons of information online sharing how to submit a Singapore Permanent Resident/ Citizenship application. This article will summarize and share the top 4 tips for getting your Singapore Permanent Resident/Citizenship approved by the authorities. 

#1 Proper Documentation

What do we mean by proper documentation? How does it affect the application? Without proper documentation, does it mean that the application will not get approved? Can you visualize if you are the ICA’s officer receiving two sets of Singapore Permanent Resident/ Citizenship applications? The first one is attached with a stack of supporting documents that are torn, old, and poorly scanned. The application form is incomplete and with lots of missing information. The latter is presented differently from the first one. All documents are adequately arranged. They are neatly scanned with clear photos and document images distinctly attached. The application with all necessary information included. Which application will you be likely reviewing first? If both applications fit the criteria, which one of them will highly get approved? If you are an examiner or marker, which student’s paper will you work on? The one with messy and crabby handwriting or the other is neatly written and with structured content. It is human nature that they will work on things that use lesser time and more effortless.  

We guess the answer is obvious. Isn’t it? 

#2 Cover Letter

Many of our clients ask if it is necessary to have a cover letter attached with a Singapore Permanent Resident (PR)/ Citizenship application. Will the application get approved easier? 

A cover letter is a summary of your life story. It is all about you in a written manner. It emphasizes your professional achievements and skillsets. It shares your motivation for submitting your Singapore Permanent Resident (PR)/ Citizenship application, your future plan in Singapore etc. The cover letter showcases your commitment to Singapore. It is the ‘face’ of your application. 

This piece of the document provides the first impression to the ICA’s officer. A cover letter with good content will entice the reviewer to go through your attached documents. i.e. you will stand a higher chance to get your application approved. Do you think it is necessary to have a cover letter to make your application more ‘attractive’?

#3 Additional Information

What is the so-called necessary information to be included in your application? After sharing your profile (academic certification, family background, expertise etc), what’s next? Frankly, it is not enough. To stand out from others, you need more ‘stuff’ to convince the officer. 

To do so, you got to prove or share things that bring the values to Singapore or the community here. That can be done by performing volunteering work. It will be great if you can do something that can benefit Singapore’s society. With regards to what type of volunteering work. We welcome you to speak with our Immigration Consultant.

Suppose you are applying through other schemes like the Global Investor Program. The additional information will be your detailed investment that can benefit Singapore. For example, providing job opportunities, increase economic growth, or more.

#4 Work with the Right Partner

Selecting the right partner will help you to win half of your battle. We would say that this rule is almost 100% accurate, be it at your work or personal life.

You probably will be thinking why I need to engage an Immigration Agency when all information and instruction have already been displayed or even have been clearly stated in the relevant authority or others’ website. We have clients who thought the same and apply it by themselves and got rejected, not once but many times. They reviewed their steps many times and cannot figure out why their application was not approved. 

There is a lot of medical information featured on the website. However, when you are sick, will you rely on the information you obtained from the website or see a doctor? The point we are bringing across is that LET THE EXPERT DO THEIR JOB. We have armed with many years of experience in this field. We would confidently say that we know the type of information needed and how they should be presented when applying for Singapore Permanent Resident (PR)/ Citizenship. Your chances of getting your application approved are much higher. We can share some of our strategies and more tips when you attend our Complimentary Private Consultation Session.

Some people may find the above pointers look unassumingly important. However, they play an important factor through the Singapore Permanent Resident (PR)/ Citizenship application.

We will encourage you to contact our Immigration Consultants to understand more about it.

You could also assess your eligibility by taking our E Preliminary Profile Analysis.

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