Complimentary Private Consultation Session – What would you be expecting?

It is common in the immigration agency sector to provide clients a free/complimentary private consultation session when applying for Singapore Permanent Resident (PR)/ Citizen. Some consultants will take the opportunity to use pushy tactics and do everything to urge clients to sign on the dotted line. Some dodgy consultants will be aggressive, sometimes even ganging up to purse clients and pressure them to decide on the spot. Clients are in a vulnerable situation and leave them no time to think about what they are signing up for. In such a case, over-promises problems (for example, 90% success rate in Singapore Permanent Resident (PR)/ Citizen Application, inaccurate information provided, etc will happen. In a simple word, The free/complimentary private consultation session became a hard-sell session.

Listening to customers is about connecting with them. It involves paying close attention to their needs and understanding how you can help them achieve their goals.

– The Immigration People’s Belief

What should you do if you are caught in such situation?

You always have the right to walk away. Do not feel obligated or shy to say NO. If you feel the information provided to you are over-whelmed, be brave to express your feeling. It is absolutely nothing wrong to voice out that you need time to ‘digest’ the information and you will notify the relevant party when you are ready. Of course, having said all these, some clients are shy and do not want to create a scene. As such, they are taken advantage of. Always remember that before you sign a contract or on a dotted line, the power is with you.

What will you be expecting in our Complimentary Private Consultation Session?

Part 1 – Evaluation of Clients’ Profiles

During the consultation session, we will understand our clients’ profiles and conduct a profile analysis on our client. That is an essential step as our immigration consultants need to have an in-depth review of the clients’ profiles before preparing them for Singapore Permanent Resident (PR) Application.  Going through the analysis, our consultants will further understand the clients. Their individual (the area covering their educational background, leisure activities etc), family background (current and past marital status, children etc), history of their Singapore Permanent Resident (PR)/ Citizen Application submission (if any) & more will be reviewed. Such information is vital as they help the consultants to evaluate clients’ cases, formulate a strategy, customize a plan, and present clients’ profiles to ICA. This will significantly increase clients’ success rate applying for their Singapore Permanent Resident (PR).

Part 2 – Timeline

Next, consultants will cover the Singapore Permanent Resident (PR) Application submission timeline and ‘what if’ situation. For example, what if their Singapore Permanent Resident (PR) Application submission is successful, and what will the clients expecting next?

Part 3 – Documentation

Upon covering the timeline, consultants will explain different kinds of documentation required from clients.

Part 4 – Consultation Fee

For the final part of the consultation session, consultants will clearly explain the components included in the consultation fee and a summary of services covered. We must ensure our clients are comfortable and trust in what they signed up for. We do not push our clients to rush and committing without going through their thought processes. We will encourage our clients to ‘shop’ around and talk to more than one Immigration Agency before making their final decision. We are confident that our commitments, integrity, attitude & more have gain clients’ confidence in us. It is not just the pricing.

Part 5 – Q&A

Before the consultants to wrap up the session, there will be a Q&A session where clients can ask questions freely. Asking questions will help them to understand better what is in for them.

After all, they are indeed weighty load information is shared during the session. We always believed that we set our client’s interests as the top priority and strongly encouraged our clients to open out and communication with us.

We welcome you to contact our Immigration Consultants

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