Singapore welcomes foreign talents. Is it the time to submit your Singapore Permanent Resident (PR) Application?

In recent media reports, the Singapore government has been talking about Singapore welcoming foreign talents. Companies hired employees with Employment Pass to bring in foreign professionals to plug skills gaps and supply shortages. Beside that, the Singapore government has launched various schemes to encourage Singaporean to be lifelong learners and continuously upgrade their skills. The subsidy is a way through which the Government supports companies and workers with training options and subsidies to stay relevant.

Some quotes from the Ministers:

The ultimate competition is not pitting Singaporeans against the PRs, it is about the team Singapore comprising Singaporeans, the PRs and even the foreign work force…competing to give Singaporeans the best chance possible. – Minister for Trade and Industry Chan Chun Sing

Their [foreign talent] presence gives Singapore a vitality that keeps us economically relevant and also provides jobs and opportunities to our fellow Singaporeans.  – Pritam Singh, Leader of the Opposition, in Parliament on 31 August 2020

One of Singapore’s visions is to create the world’s first ‘Smart Nation, it highlights the emphasis placed on infrastructure by the governing authority. The ‘Smart Nation’ program is envisaged, created, and delivered by the Government with the aim of harnessing technology to the fullest to improve the lives of citizens, create more opportunities, and build stronger communities.

To make the above happen, Singapore must be open to the foreign market and then be able to maintain as an efficient and advanced global business hub.

So, what are the meanings behind all these? How does Singapore attract and retain foreign talents? The most obvious way is to allow these skilled foreign talents to become a part of Singapore by offering them Singapore Permanent Resident and eventually become a Singapore Citizen.

As such, there might be an increase in Permanent Residency and Citizenship quotas to make the above happen.

We will encourage you to put your thoughts into action to submit your Singapore Permanent Resident Application as soon as possible.

Our team is eager to share with you tips on how to submit your Singapore Permanent Resident Application. We have years of experience in the Singapore immigration landscape. Our specialization is in helping our clients with their Singapore immigration needs. For years, we have successfully helped many foreigners to obtain their Singapore Permanent Resident (PR), and we believe you will be one of them.  

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And also, check out the video on Benefits being a Singapore Permanent Residents (PR).

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