Common Reasons for Singapore PR Application Rejection

There are many possible reasons for the rejection of Singapore PR application. Despite faithfully following through with all required documentation and processes, rejection of your PR application still happen, and you are bound to get frustrated. The Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) does not disclose the cause of the rejection. Applicants do not have any insight into ICA’s decision-making process and often feel lost and unable to seek their Singapore PR rejection advice.

Let us list down a few common reasons. They may sound commonly understandable; however, they have a significant impact on PR acceptance:

Unaware of new policies implemented in Singapore  

Policies can be changed/ updated from time to time, and new policies will affect your PR application. For example, any document not written in English, they must be translated and localized in Singapore. For translated documents required an authentication stamp by the Singapore Academy of Law.

Proof of Integration into Singapore

Lack or show very minimal or no social integration efforts to integrate into Singapore. It will help if applicants can participate in activities organized by Singapore local communities. For example, being a volunteer at a non-profit organization in Singapore, such as the Singapore Children Society.

Compulsory Submission of Documents

Beyond submitting mandatory/required documents, a set of necessary documents will not be good enough to showcase/ convince ICA applicants’ motivation to stay (in Singapore) and their plan here. A professionally written cover letter will be required to increase your chances of getting Singapore PR applications, lower Singapore PR application rejection. 

High Reviewing Standard by ICA

It is all about the quality of the submission. Missing documents such as birth certification, educational certificates, etc. or unclear scanned copies, incomplete form filled, will contribute to your PR application rejection.

Take our preliminary assessment.

Contact our friendly and experienced Immigration Consultants to avoid these common mistakes and lower your chance of Singapore PR application rejection!

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