Sponsoring Singapore PR application for wife or husband

Want to know how to apply or sponsor your foreign-born spouse for Singapore PR? Are you confused or worried about doing something wrong when trying to apply for PR for your spouse?

If you’re a Singapore PR or citizen, and want to sponsor your husband or wife in their PR application, this is important for you.

We understand how overwhelming applying for PR status can be, considering how difficult it is get Singapore Permanent Residence these days. Read on to discover what you should do when applying Singapore PR for your spouse.

If both of you are not yet a Singapore PR, or citizen, you and your spouse will have to apply together as a family unit and be assessed for Singapore PR on your merits via any of the following schemes:

  • Professionals, Technical Personnel and Skilled Workers (PTS) Scheme
  • Global Investor Programme (GIP)
  • Business Relocation
  • Foreign Artistic Talent (ForArts) Scheme

Note that Work Permit holders are ineligible for the above schemes.
For more information on applying for PR for both spouse, please Click Here

We now address the more common questions about applying for Singapore PR for your foreign national spouse.

Is Your Spouse Eligible for Singapore PR?
Living in Singapore on a Work Pass, Dependant’s or Long Term Visit Pass are great choices, but becoming a PR gives you far more benefits and subsidies in Singapore. Your spouse is eligible for Singapore PR if they are legally married to a Singapore citizen or permanent resident. Common law spouses are ineligible. Here are the basic requirements:

Sponsored Scheme (For foreign spouse and child(ren) of a Singapore Citizen or PR)
A Singapore Citizen / PR is allowed to sponsor his/her spouse and any unmarried child(ren) below 21 years of age (born within the context of a legal marriage or legally adopted) by submitting an application for permanent residence (PR) to the ICA for consideration.


  • Provide an official marriage certificate
  • Provide the birth certificate(s) of child(ren) showing both parents’ names and child’s name (including adoption papers) from the current marriage
  • If divorced, provide the divorce certificate and custody papers for the child(ren) in respect of the previous marriage

Actual influencing factors involved during the assessment process for PR applications for your spouse, include the following:

  • Family ties: any ties to family members here
  • Family profile: length of marriage, children, etc
  • Social integration: ties in the local community, assimilation
  • Professional achievement: career growth, salary increase
  • Economic contributions: earnings, financial ability

Both you as a sponsor and your spouse’s PR application will be assessed holistically.

Alternatively, your spouse may apply for permanent residency on their own merits if they are an Employment Pass (EP) or S Pass holder. In such cases, while you do not act as their sponsor, you are expected to provide certain documents during the application process as their spouse. The ICA will take your relationship into consideration when making their decision.

From our experience, the success of your PR application for your spouse depends on additional factors. These include the stability and length of your marriage, the financial ability of each spouse, and the presence of children in the family. The length of marriage is an aspect the ICA would look into closely since there have been incidents of sham marriages. Harsh penalties have been imposed to prevent foreigners from profiting from such means
On top of that, the ICA would also assess your spouse, based on how well you both would assimilate into the community when evaluating your application. This is to ensure that every new PR can adapt and blend in with the rest of the local community. We understand how daunting applying for PR status can be, especially considering how difficult it is to become a Singapore PR these days.
While the evaluation process by the ICA is not known to the general public, there are ways for you to ensure you put your best foot forward. Especially for immigration consultants who have worked with ex-ICA officers before. They would be able to best understand how your 2 profiles stack up to the thousands of other applicants.
For more on how we can assist you with Singapore PR applications, you can begin by taking our preliminary assessment here.
You may also contact us to know more.

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