Amazing Reasons to Migrate to Singapore – Benefits of Singapore PR enjoying

There are many advantages and incentives for foreigners and expats who become Singapore PRs.

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Though the most cited ones are the comfortable and safe life of Singapore, there are many more significant ones such as:

Robust and Reputed Education System

– The Singapore education system has received acclamation internationally.

– The standard of education in Singapore is fairly high, and a large number of both public and private schools are available to all residing in Singapore. 

– The education system is considered to be among the best in the world, with students consistently ranking very high in international exams and securing high ranks in global achievement tests. So for those who plan to have a family, kids, or those who already have children, Singapore offers a great academic opportunity for children and youngsters. Even acquiring higher education is more attractive in Singapore. 

Advanced and Modern IT Infrastructure 

– Singapore government has created a progressive and high-tech business environment that allows companies a great launchpad and advantage in starting up, establishing, and steering their business to success.

– Businesses get instant access to one of the most technologically advanced infrastructures in the world. 

– Companies can tap into that infrastructure to easily test and pilot new products given Singapore’s connectivity to other markets. 

– Singapore ranked as one of the most innovative countries in Asia. Companies like Amazon, Google, and IBM are using Singapore to pilot ground-breaking new projects before they roll them out globally.

Plenty of Job Opportunities

Job opportunities for foreign talent are immense, in various sectors. In Singapore, these industries such as Healthcare, Biotechnology, Digitalization, IT, AI, Data Science, Cyber-Security, etc. are lacking in local talent. Singapore requires foreign talent pool to supplement our local workforce. The quota for Singapore PR or Singapore Citizenship will vary proportionately according to the need for foreign talent with specialized skills in high demand in the industries.

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Last but not least.

Effective Management of COVID Pandemic by Government 

Singapore has been lauded as highly effective in its management of COVID-19, with a very low number of deaths from the virus. Singapore being the hub of travelers managed to keep a strong check on the number of cases. Singapore was also able to get its people vaccinated and offered government-sponsored treatment for its residents who got COVID as long as they followed the regulations.

The government procured approved vaccines for its entire population and rolled out the first, second, and booster doses very systematically and efficiently. 

Benefits of Singapore PR 

Benefits of Singapore PR and Citizenship are many. Red our article: 7 Benefits of Singapore Citizenship. The instant benefits a Singapore PR can enjoy are: 

Education –  Enjoy subsidized rates on school fees for children, Ability to easily enroll your children in Singapore public school. There are childcare subsidies too.

Tax reliefs and rebates – Singapore PR enjoys the tax reliefs and rebates just like any regular Singapore Citizen and gets access to Singapore’s Central Provident Fund (CPF). CPF contributions are a must when you are working for a company. If you are earning $3,000 per month and you have successfully become a Singapore PR, you effectively will have an additional amount added to your total package due to the company’s CPF contribution. You can utilize part of your CPF to purchase property in Singapore and also use part of the CPF contribution (Medisave) for medical expenses. 

Medical subsidies – PRs are entitled to subsidized healthcare services through a mandatory government medical savings scheme. Medisave may be utilized for outpatient treatments, day surgeries, and hospitalization. It can be availed either for yourself or your family members depending on the yearly withdrawal limits.

Medishield insurance scheme – This helps PRs pay for high hospital bills and outpatient treatments. It is a default scheme available to all Singapore PRs and Citizens.

High CPF Interest – Enjoy attractive interest on your CPF savings – Once you have contributed to CPF, you enjoy the high-interest rates on the amount of your CPF contribution, you can earn up to 6% or 5% per annum. 


Singapore is a great place to migrate to. After going through the COVID pandemic, many people revisited the definition of the word ‘safety’ in a country. Be it for the conducive environment for different cultures, low crime rate or comfortable living environment, there are many amazing reasons to migrate to Singapore. Let us help you with your Singapore PR application and you too can enjoy all the benefits of Singapore PR. Read our article: Singapore PR eligibility.

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