Confidence in the healthcare system of Singapore

As of end February 2020, the world has constantly witnessed unceasing surges of Covid-19 cases on a daily basis. It is no wonder that the DORSCON level of orange no longer triggers panic buys or unnecessary fear of a pandemic albeit its possibility to evolve from an epidemic in time to come.

Amidst all the uncertainty and daily updates that take our hearts on a rollercoaster ride with their fluctuating numbers of infected vs mortality, many have taken the healthcare system in Singapore for granted. Inevitably, some have expected the number of new cases to hover within a certain range and that mortalities from Covid-19 should not ever appear in our newsfeeds.

On the other end of the spectrum and in the recent times, we have heard countless stories from Permanent Residency hopefuls and existing Permanent Residents in Singapore – the country’s healthcare system and contingency plans for an outbreak is simply world-leading. They, together with us, are beyond thankful and overcome by awe when we look at the Ministry of Health’s preparedness and response efforts in this outbreak. We have made the conscious effort to decipher the daily reported numbers by WHO – our rate of discharge of previously infected clients is simply astounding!

We are very impressed with the efforts they are making to find every case, follow up with contacts and stop transmission.

WHO Chief – Dr Tedros

Singapore, a global leader in healthcare, a positive example of how an outbreak should be handled, is and will be in the limelight for a significantly long period of time. Being on a world stage and displayed in such a positive light has made Singapore an even more desired country to commit to for the long term.

Permanent Residency is the only way forward and potential applicants will have to be extremely sure-footed in the next/first try for Permanent Residency. Take the preliminary assessment here – and you are one step closer to realising your immigration dream with us.

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