Robot Waiters & Soup Base Machines? – Impact of AI in Singapore

Who would have thought AI would be implemented at one of the largest hotpot favorites in Singapore while a couple of others have failed in its place? In comparison to Hawkee (Singapore’s first robotic concept restaurant) for example, hotpot as many others would concur, requires more work from the patron as compared to the chef. Needless to say, you are almost 100% responsible for that piece of chicken to ensure it is not over or under-cooked.

“Machine-like precision” in customizing soup bases that cater to individual taste buds and differing requirements? Yes please. Also, clients’ preferences will be stored in the Cloud to be extracted conveniently when the need arises. Data, data and more data! Big data, IOT, AI ring any bells? How about the no-longer-so-trendy robot waiters? We really wouldn’t mind as long the soup pots remain in the firm grips of those cold, metal, robotic hands. (or maybe it would be substituted with something more human-looking?)

This reminds us the way forward for Singapore – Artificial Intelligence, and how it may shape our society and economy for the better. Also, it reinforces the reason for the ongoing quest to attract talents who can impact the AI industry in the country. Two out of three pillars of the AI quest in Singapore point to Innovation & Technology respectively – application of innovative AI technologies and to broaden the use and/or adoption of AI.

These are simply small parts of our Nation’s long-term plan in ensuring we remain a leader in the region, technologically and inventively.

So, where do you stand, in the sea of jobs and industries? Will all other industries, not within the mention by the Government, be tossed aside when it trickles down to consideration for PR and/or Citizenship? Is it a 100% chance of approval if you happen to be in the AI industry? How about those firms that give you grossly inflated success rates of 85% and above without batting an eyelid?

The reason we receive more than a dozen requests for collaboration, with law firms, financial institutions, insurance & property agencies etc., is due to our integrity, superb service and diligence in every single consultation/case we handle. Every single one.

Want to know more about the industry requirements and the current immigration climate in Singapore? Drop us a message or a call. We assure your consultation will be an extremely fruitful one just like how the hundreds of others have benefited from.

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