Duo charged for accepting BRIBE to expedite Malaysian’s PR application

It pains us to read news as such. A seemingly large firm does not necessarily equate to one with good practices. A professional-looking office and large team do not always equate to being the most competent in the industry. Similarly, an expensive package is more than often not exactly the best package.

However damning this piece of news is, it also reiterates the importance of the choice of agency. It also highlights the fact that a Permanent Residency/Citizenship application, albeit a highly cumbersome and tedious process, is extremely sought after here in Singapore. This yearning for a change in immigration status has driven many individuals to gravitate toward companies that, dangle outrageous claims, inflated success rates, false promises and/or put on a veil of a gorgeous office/immense staff count.

Matter of fact, it narrows down to the competency of its staff, the trustworthiness and positive vibes a consultant exuberates, not only during consultation but throughout a client’s entire case-building journey, that contribute to the strong foundation of a company.

Thus, we keep matters simple at @theimmigrationpeople at MYP Centre (WeWork) – 9 Battery Road. We do not take more than we can handle. We do reject clients if need be. We ensure 100% integrity among our staff through good practices and well-deserved remuneration – we give credit where credit is due. We listen to our clients.

We do it the right way. Get in touch with us now.

Ms. Kay Cheong – kay.cheong@tip.com.sg

Ms. Elena Kwa – elena.kwa@tip.com.sg

Mr. Jon Lee – jon.lee@tip.com.sg

Office: +65 6240 6995

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