Vettel Wins It!

We work with, and break through barriers for our clients.

“I have taken a lot of energy from the messages and handwritten letters I have received,” said Vettel. “People have shared their own stories with me. For us, everything is centered around racing, but racing isn’t the most important thing.​

“When you read the notes that people are struggling in life, and some were very intimate about it, it gets to you, so it gave me a lot of belief and confidence to keep on trying. I knew I wasn’t far away from a breakthrough moment, that I just needed to keep doing the job and things would fall into place. I am happy that has happened sooner rather than later.”​

The Singapore GP has concluded recently and the post-race interview with Vettel hit home. The positive energies from our clients drive us to continue the good work and up our game every single day. We stand out in the immigration industry because we listen. We listen to your struggles, your side of the story. We view you as individuals who require our assistance, who entrust us with sensitive information and intimate details.

Here at #TheImmigrationPeople, we consult and hear you out. You are not merely just a number or a dollar sign. You are a life and we want to provide the best and make that application work in your favour. We want to achieve that change in #immigration status for you, as much as you want it too.


Through their belief in us, we have become the choice immigration consultancy firm of many clients. Be one today and get in touch with us now!

Ms. Kay Cheong –

Ms. Elena Kwa –

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Office: +65 6240 6995


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