[Unveiled!] Statistics of Singapore’s population in 2019!

Key points of the article “Singapore’s population grows to 5.7 million, boosted by increase in foreign workers”:

  • Singapore’s population boosted by a jump in foreign workers
  • Highest number of Citizenship approvals in 11 years
  • Number of non-residents increased due to evident increase in work permit holders from services sector and unexpected change in construction industry
  • 22,550 new citizens and 32,710 new PRs (61.6% – 34,040 from S.E.A countries, 32.4% – 17,904 from other Asian countries and 6% – 3,316 from outside of Asia)
  • Immigration is key to help moderate impact of ageing and low birth rates
  • Government looking for individuals who are committed to making Singapore their home

How we can help you through our one-stop, highly personalized service:

  • Ensure all your documentation are 100% according to ICA’s reviewing standard
  • Ensure your case receives the highest level of consideration from ICA
  • Ensure your application stands the highest chance to be approved for PR/Citizenship
  • Introduce you to our associates (reputable and trustworthy agencies) to boost areas of your profile e.g. investments, accommodation, insurance etc.
  • Ensure hassle-free case building process
  • Provide advisory service throughout your entire case-building and application process – BOTH your dedicated Senior Consultant and Documents Controller will be with you throughout the journey
  • Receive honest feedback after profile evaluation through consultation (never will you feel cornered or coerced to come aboard)

Never treat your application like how you will with the jackpot machine in a casino – trying blindly in hope of a positive result. Get it done professionally through us if you truly treasure your chance and value your time.

Jon Lee
Director / Senior Immigration Consultant
The Immigration People (TIP)

Get in touch with us now. Be part of the 32,000 approvals, not the 70,000 (approx.) rejected pool of applicants.

Ms. Kay Cheong – kay.cheong@tip.com.sg

Ms. Elena Kwa – elena.kwa@tip.com.sg

Mr. Jon Lee – jon.lee@tip.com.sg

Office: +65 6240 6995

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