“Building a good customer experience does not happen by accident. It happens by design.” This separates us from the majority players.

“Stop selling me something I do not need!”

“Why are your charges quoted by one sales person drastically different from another sales person?”

“Why do I feel so pressured to come aboard with your agency?”

I want a consultant, not a salesman. I want advisory services, not a seal-the-deal-and-forget-the-client type of service!”

“Are my documents secure? Where do they go after I’ve sent them over to you? Is your network even secure?”

Heard or experienced any of these ? We empathize with you and understand your plights/concerns.

Customer-Centric Culture – Our triple Cs

The Immigration People was founded to be a difference in the industry. To be radically different. To walk the talk. To never over-promise and under-deliver. To consult (NOT HARD-SELL) and to ensure ALL our clients have a clear understanding of our services before they make the decision to come aboard with a competitive, dedicated and trustworthy Immigration Consultancy in Singapore.

Notably, our consultants handhold each and every client through the entire process of their application.

A year of wait? We will be there for you. 2 years a drag? Not for us. Your desired change in immigration status means the world to you, even more so to us. We will still be with you!

Never will you find the consultant that you engaged with/bought the service through/hoping to rely on/trust in, do a disappearing act on you after you’ve signed up with us.

Are private banking clients “abandoned” after deals are done? No.

Similarly, our consultants are relationship managers in a way too. You are our Private Immigration Client.

Network & Servers

Our network is private and invisible to others. Our database is secure and confidential – only your dedicated Consultant and Documents Controller have access to your submitted documents. We do not condone usage of regular file-sharing platforms, it is just not professional.

We’ve got it!

Need a tip? Make an appointment for a non-obligatory consultation today and experience the difference with #The Immigration People (TIP). We bring Singapore closer to you, we are here to stay and we are designed to build the best customer experience.

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